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Biscut's letter to "us"

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Sorry, all I hear is what one would hear when an adult is talking in a Charlie Brown cartoon; blah, blah, blah....





Dear Ravens Stakeholder:

You deserve an explanation.

What happened with the Ray Rice incident? How could it come to this? Why didn’t we act earlier?

As a PSL holder, suite owner, sponsor and supporter, you have a stake in us. You have invested in us – emotionally as well as financially, trusted us, and believed in us. We value that trust and owe you full disclosure.

First, let us say that we did not do all we should have done and no amount of explanation can remedy that. What we can do now is share with you everything that occurred and vow to learn from all that has happened.




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We then began our own process to discover as much as we could about what happened. We talked with representatives of the casino, the police who arrested the couple, the prosecutor and a lawyer who represented both Ray and Janay in the case. Soon after, the video of Janay and Ray coming out of the elevator became public.




Really? I understand before he accepted the plea and the case closed, his lawyer would not give you the tape. But after,right after, he certainly would since there would be no legal issues at that point.... Sorry, mook.........

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My guess is next he'll start the "Ray Rice Original Abusers Fund"



Taking his jersey off the market, replacing it with anothr for fns. Papa Johns offering pizza for a Rice jersey, what his college is doing. One would think he is a baby killer. Sad, quite sad..


All Biscut and Goody had to say was; we made the moves to suspend him, to cut him because of how the public would wouldreact when they saw the tape. At least that would be the truth................


Now, the message is; we did not suspend him/cut him because of what he did, rather, because what he did was caught on tape.

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