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I'm Out of My Funk

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That game was just the tonic I needed to get over this past week's problems.


Great effort! Steve Smith, Owen Daniels, Joe Flacco and a stout defense won this game for the Ravens. One more thing. Rick Wagner is the real deal. He's better than solid. His pass protection and run blocking are both above average. I saw him a couple of times blocking linebackers after disposing of his lineman.


Give Harbs credit too. I blamed him last week for not having his team ready to play. That was far from the case tonight.


Glad I've got this game on my DVR.

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I'm not trying to rub anything in here but at the stadium, the atmosphere was clean and pure.

Meaning it was all about footbal and kicking the Steelers ass and showing the nation that we love "Our 53".

I'm sure it would have made a ton of people happy to watch the Ravens fall apart losing 37-17....but the Steelers got exposed....punked...


The Ravens are not going away people! :gorave:


The crowd had Baltimore Pride.

There was about 10 Steeler fans at the game...."who were sent out into the weeping and knashing of teeth".

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