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A stumbling block may have shown up

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Where did he say I forgot? He said he previously had an exemption but didn't anymore.


I'm just more annoyed that to get suspended for this you first get a private warning... Maybe that was a ways back when he was in Texas, but either way... He knew they would catch him.

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To answer my own question in part, if you are reading his "I made a mistake" as, "I thought it was OK," ... I disagree with that interpretation. I think he is simply saying, "I made a mistake," as in, please forgive my bad behavior.

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Interesting take from Jayson Stark. I don't totally buy it in the sense that I don't think we can underplay that it does enhance play (or can). But I do but it's addictiveness, at least psychologically, and that if Davis had an exemption previously I do wonder why it was removed or expired

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