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Another shot to the NFL, Cards running back arrested

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Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested Wednesday on multiple charges including aggravated assault, stemming from two separate domestic incidents earlier this summer, according to Phoenix police.

The Cardinals reported Wednesday that Dwyer, 25, has since been deactivated "from all team activities" in the wake of the allegations.

According to a Phoenix Police Department release Dwyer is charged with aggravated assault causing a fracture; aggravated assault involving a minor; two counts of criminal damage; one count of preventing the use of a phone in an emergency; and assault.





Another one arrested, but put on paid leave. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/jonathan-dwyer-arrested-suspicion-of-aggravated-assault-arizona-cardinals-091714?


But wait, for good cause, their seems to be a "time issue"... Did the NFl wake a sleeping giant, women making false claims? July? Wait, he admits the assualts happened, it "just wasn't him"....... Guess we have another NFL player who will be paid not to play, until the justice system rules.... Oh my, what a troubling time we are in,



The release, which cites the victims as a woman and a child, says the incidents are alleged to have occurred at a home in southeast Phoenix on July 21 and 22. The release says the victim left Arizona with the child "shortly after the incidents."

Per the police release:

A report was made with the Phoenix Police Department on September 11, 2014 and investigators have been seeking out-of-state medical records and conducting interviews with witnesses. Investigators developed probable cause and arrested Jonathan Dwyer in Tempe. He was interviewed by detectives and has admitted to the incidents however, denied any physical assaults. A search warrant is also being served at his residence.


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This goes back to the start of the NFL. But things have changed since then. It would not be PPV NFL. The NFL is locked into TV contracts. If AB walks the owners would have to make a big move to show they are serious. I think that move is Goodell being gone. It would get rid of the banners being flown over stadiums (they are doing Atl tonight).

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I want Goodell gone but it's not his fault these players are doing this. They are performing these actions. Now the league is finally responding quickly. I hope this quicker response doesn't save his neck.

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I want Goodell gone but it's not his fault these players are doing this. They are performing these actions. Now the league is finally responding quickly. I hope this quicker response doesn't save his neck.




Up to this point, as papa said, he has done nothing and would have done nothing if not for the public and media outcry over the Ray Rice tape. He should have had programs set up to get many, many players help and instead he has lorded over the games, walking lines as if he were king. You are right, it is not his fault, but doing nothing but wavering in the face of public outcry is only showing players and non-players that they need to be smarted when they want to comitt a crime and not get it caught on tape or just hide the body.


Currently, with now three players being paid to not play, he is showing them just fight it out in the courts, you may not get to play, but you sure will get your pay.


As I have said on the Goody thread, the NFL is like any other business, they can hire & fire whom ever they want, for what ever reason, save the discriminatory reason. If the proof is there, suspend them for a lengthy time, not two games, not paid leave until you can figure out what to say to the media and general public.


The media screamed how there were no females in high positions in the league offices. What does he do? Hire them, no black females, what does he do? Hire one all in the span of a few days... hmmmm



Beer supporters are not going to give up on the NFL, they too are just postering for the lemmings.



1 more thing, these latest paid leaves are now opening the door for every player suspened including Aaron Hernadez, who has yet to be found guilty; due process huh? psss

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Hernandez was cut by the Pats. A player can be cut at any time. If I had been the Pats I would have kept him on the roster until the report day and then gone at him for breach of contract.



He wasn't just cut by the Pats, he was suspended indefinately, correct me if I am wrong please..

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Oh I know papa, my point is this. Goody and only Goody can put players on this exempt list. Now, he has put three players, one of whom in the pst would have been suspended, two others who would have been allowed to play, on this never known about list. Why? Only because of public out cry. By doing so, he opened hm self up and that of the NFL, to players now having the edge in their appeals of suspensions.


The three players put on this list, could conceivably, fight being put on the list, fight not being allowed to play, based on how things have been done. Granted, they would be stupid and at least Hardy, ageed to go on it, as did AP. They both had the choice to keep working out with the team, not practice though, but utilize the facilities if they wanted to, but chose to stay away.


This brings up another point; why are players of who are suspended, not allowed to do the same? They, if any one, need the support of the team, not to be abandoned. This has been a tipping point for many over the years, now Goody has given them a leg.


The evidence is mounting that Goody is not doing his job well at all, he has just continued to make the league look bad with thse horrible decisions. Now, will he be fired? I doubt it, but he clearly should.

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You also have to wonder how long owners will want to pay guys to stay home.




Word is, Goody and the owners will use this to build an escape clause, part of which already exists, that lets them out of the contacts with no cap ramifications, cap relief.


This could go two ways. They get it, or the players fight and we end up with a trike/lock out.


Smith has the upper hand now, publicly, especially with the cover up that went on and Goody's neck being on the line.


Dwyer was smart or truly is mentally ill. If not ill, but claiming he wanted to die, the NFl had to put him on the non football illness list, which means they can cut him, but they have to settle with him; so either way he will get paid, unlike Hard and AP, who can be cut at any time.


The Vikes cut Jerome Simpson, with one game left in his suspension, so it is clear, they are tired of it.... It should be interesting to see what the Dolphins do with their golden boy, who had his suspension over turn only to get popped again, and now is back on a 4 game suspension... idiot.

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