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Its Stealers Week!

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Admittedly, I wear very little Ravens gear unless I'm at the game (which is weird, since I have four jerseys). I wear a lot of O's/Caps/Dale Jr./Syracuse, but I can't stand purple, etc.


Should I change that for this week?



Yeah, you want my Black McGahee Jersey??

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I'll get into the hate tomorrow. Right now I'm savoring last nights win over the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons. They can say what they want but last night the Ravens knocked them out of the playoff hunt.

Dan Snyder was seen sitting on the edge of his bed tearing the stuffing out of his teddy bear.


But you are right crav...this is every football fans dream...and I too...hate Shitsburg.

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So Coach Harbaugh was on Movin' The Chains with Kat Kirwin and Tim Ryan on Sirius NFL Radio this afternoon. There were some interesting notes:


Everyone is very impressed with Flacco's temperment. The prospect of playing in primetime didn't rattle him one bit. Harbaugh said players spend their whole careers trying to learn how to shake off bad plays like Flacco does so easily (Kyle Boller reference? :lol: ).


Of course Ed Reed was talked about. Harbaugh said Reed has really just started to get back into the swing of things these past few weeks. Harbaugh praised Reed's discipline and ability to take over a game at free safety, and said he is in the right place 99.9% of the time. Harbaugh then stated the Reed and Ray know the opponent more than anyone else he has ever been around.


There was talk about the unbalanced line, and the mismatches is creates with the big backfield behind it (McClean and Neal).


No major injuries, just bumps and bruises, day-to-day stuff. Harbaugh said the players will be reved up this week on emotions because it is Steelers week. He said he has to make sure the guys get their proper treatment and do not overwork.


Lots of praise for DB coach Mark Carrier. Harbaugh said our DBs our among the most disciplined in league this season because of Carrier. Carrier’s playing experience helps with coaching and the guys have tremendous respect for him.


Harbaugh believes Flacco and the team are better and more discipline than they are in Week 3. The key this week against the Steelers will be to protect the ball and the quarterback.


And finally, he gave big props to Jameel McClain. Harbaugh mentioned that McClain had a very tough life. McClain's mother raised him and his sibblings on the streets of Philly while working multiple jobs. Harbaugh said Jameel is one of the most motivated, hardworking, and humble individuals he has ever been around. I think we might have something special with J. McClain.

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And dont think for one minute that its not in the back of Joltin Joes unibrow brain, that he wants to show the Pittsburgh community that the Univ of Pitt made a costly mistake, (led by Dave Wanny and Cavanaugh) by not giving him a shot at the starting QB job at Pitt.

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Rthslsxbrrgrrr has been sacked almost twice as many times as Flacco....and has a lower QB rating.

Unleash the hounds!


Shitsburgh has the 26th ranked offense.


Now...the two stingiest defense will be on the field. It will be tough on both offenses to score so the Ravens need the 12th man ( us :) ) to make life hell for the Stealer offense.

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I'm f*cking sick of hearing Stealers fans saying that they're not getting any respect and are disgusted that they aren't favorites to outright win.


Fact: Winning on the road is hard. Winning at the ATM is harder. I don't care who you are - you're ice skating uphill.


But hey, if the Stealer fans need the respect angle to get hyped up for a game, more power to 'em.

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Got my brand new black Flacco jersey in this week just in time to wear it around Pittsburgh all weekend!


Interesting tidbit - apparently the Rust Buckets are preparing for the Suggs package. They have Dennis Dixon playing the role of Troy Smith in practice. Hopefully Cam has a new wrinkle to add if he brings out that package.

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