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What are your concerns heading into the season?


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I agree with Cleetz. I'm afraid the high powered offense we were supposed to have may not materialize unless our receivers get healthy and learn how to get some separation. Smith Sr. isn't going to be able to catch everything. If Maxx gets healthy, that would open up 2 TE sets with him and Gilmore. And that might have to suffice until Perriman ever returns. He's now in his 5th week of not practicing.

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They have no returner. This will haunt them all season.

I have no idea if Webb can play.

Pass rush. Didn't see any all pre season.

Tackling. Weak.

Running game. Weak.

Coaching. They didn't develop this team fast enough or well enough.

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I have to agree with everything written so far. About Perriman, he was supposed to be out there to stretch the field, which would allow a bigger field for Joe to throw in. This seriously scares me. It affects both the passing game and running game. And Tsyl hit it head on. Special teams, Let's hope we don't get blown out in Denver.

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