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Odds are againt us


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We are hanging precariously close to becoming irrelevant this season. If we go down Sunday, as most are predicting, we'll be 0-4 after Stealers game. Then the odds against us become astronomical.


This team just needs to get out of this funk or whatever you call it and play balls to the walls on Sunday. Nuff said !!!!

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True, history says only 1 team will rebound. The Ravens could easily be 2-0 right now, save for one play in each game. Not many teams so far this year can say that, save for the Giants who blew two 14 pt leads in the 4th quarter.


The Ravens have played two games on the road, we all knew the first part of the season would be incredibly diifficult, but with two games against division rivals, this season could turn around quickly.


I don't know if history repeats it self, looking at the teams that are 0-2 right now, the Giants are in a terrible divison, the SeaHawks should rebound, but then they have some team turmoil going on, so maybe it will be the Ravens.... who knows, it should be fun to watch and answer a lot of questions going into next year when the Ravens will have several free agents and a ton of cap room......

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They were both road games vs non-division play so the important games start now

with Cinci and Pissburgh and Cleve coming up. That will pave the way for the

rest of the season.


The back half of the schedule still gets easier but we have big secondary probs

if OAK can shred it to pieces.

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