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Bob Haynie out at NST


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Haynie was the only reason I, personally, listened to NST for years. However, he was a bit too "old school" for a number-crunching advertising guy like Aparicio. I have respect for both of them, but the one guy who'd propel the station into the newer age was the guy in charge. Haynie will land on his feet at a station that doesn't have to worry about staying as hungry as 1570 does.




A bit of this typically-long-winded-Nestor-diatribe:

WNST did not fire Bob Haynie.


We want Bob Haynie on the radio at WNST from 10 til 2 every day today and every day moving forward. And we want Bob to participate in all of our social media and web content. And we want Bob to have Baltimores best blog (which we can measure and sell) to go with the best radio show (which we cant measure). And weve told Bob that repeatedly. And we want to compensate Bob as fairly as possible for all of his contributions.


But we can only compensate Bob based on the actual revenue that is reflected in his radio show and web content. Thats an accountability that should be obvious to anyone who has a checkbook. You can only pay people based on the revenue generated anything else would be suicide for WNST or any other small business. And at this point, the current revenue doesnt mesh with Bobs expectations and the reality of his past compensation.


Bob has declined to continue under the current financial situation and weve offered a variety of remedies and options but they all end with this reality: we can only pay Bob money that is generated by local sponsorship in his radio show and web contributions.


And we need more of it to make The Bob Haynie Show on WNST a reality for Bob and his family and his needs. And we respect his decision because we truly like Bob.


We have a different business model at WNST than many of our competitors. At our other radio stations, they use Arbitron numbers (perhaps the most archaic and arbitrary system of measurement still left in the media world) and major corporate clients still spend zillions of dollars on the mystery of these diaries. Ive always compared it to measuring clouds its impossible to know how many people are listening to a radio station at any time. Its a guess and if you research Arbitrons techniques, theyre laughable circa 2010.


That traditional world of radio ratings has never worked for WNST because weve never been measured fairly. If any of the hosts at WNST were paid directly based on the Arbitron ratings wed have all been gone a long time ago and you never wouldve heard of me or Bob Haynie.

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Looking in my crystal ball I see 1370 as a landing spot. They can dump Coleman. The worst sports talk host ever.



For as dull as he sounds, he's been on the air since conception, glad I cant get 1370 north of Loch Raven resevoir.

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Yeah that sucks. I guess Nestor is hemoraging money. In the last yr he has dumped Casey Willet, Haney, and Ray. He lost Rob Long and Cunningham over the last couple of yrs.


It was great to come back from Vacation and find out the night before you go back to work that you have no job anymore.

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that would be awesome; it'd never happen, but I would be happy


Me too. That was the last time I listened with any regularity.


Haynie seemed like a nice guy and seemed knowledgeable, but he put me to sleep.

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Conn To Mornings? More Changes At 105.7? - 7/28 - There are rumblings that CBS Radio in Baltimore might move Jeremy Conn from afternoons with Scott Garceau to mornings on sports talker WJZ-FM, 105.7 The Fan. To join new morning co-host Steve Davis, who is currently paired with old morning man Ed Norris. There are rumblings that Norris could be cut loose when his contract expires later this year. And, we're also told, former WNSTer Bob Haney is being eyed as Garceau's new partner, filling the seat of Anita Marks, whose contract was not renewed back in January.....

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