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He got caught so now he's depressed


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Bryant's hitting bottom and depression sets in as he sees millions floating away....




Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant is facing a yearlong suspension from the NFL, his agent confirmed to ESPN on Saturday.

The suspension is related to NFL drug testing, a source told ESPN. Bryant's agent, Tom Santanello, said Saturday that the talented receiver plans to appeal the suspension.

Another of his agents, Brian Fettner, told USA Today Sports that Bryant, who served a four-game suspension last season for violating the league's substance abuse policy, is fighting depression and plans to enter rehab Sunday for evaluation.


I don't believe the depression spin for sympathy. Basically any alcoholic/addict can be diagnosed with depression. A lot of other things too. Buit this is good agent publicity spin to gain public sympathy and maybe some leniency from the NFL.


Any of these guys....I hope they get help, get their lives in order and get their priorities straight.

On one hand it's simple: Get off the drugs...you won't be depressed.

On the other, it's not simple or they would have stopped the first time they got busted.

They all need help.

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So you believe that depressed people aren't really depressed if they use drugs or alcohol, and that once they stop drinking or using, they will no longer be depressed?


That's a universal statement. I don't believe that is universally true.

But....For the most part , most addicts and alcoholics lose the depression once they get clean. Yes.

I'm talking about addicts and alcoholics. Many other people with depression are chemically imbalanced and need medication. Tons of people.

As with many things in life, there are exceptions. I have a friend who is a recovering addict, depression continued and he did need depression medicine. With it he's fine.

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People deal with depression in many ways. Some sink down and hide, others self medicate in many ways, drugs just one of them.


He chose coke, crack what ever, so there is another obsticle in his life he needs to over come.


We don't know which came first, but to make a statement that he is using deprwssion as an excuse, to me, is stepping over a line. I wish this young man the best, what ever that entails, in the league or not, he is a terrific talent but over coming the depsression and or drug dependency is of most importance.

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