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Gotta like what you see in Baltimore


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I love what I see but it's all on paper as of now. Nobody is going to roll over for the Ravens. They will have to earn it the hard way starting with opening day against the Jets in the Meadowlands.


I can't talk Super Bowl now....We've had these expectations before only to see them fall short. I have to see how they are playing as a team (offense, defense, special teams) by weeks 4-6...then I have a better gauge.



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The Bandwagon is filling up...


Baltimore Ravens (WIS Prediction: 12-4)

Absolute Record: 14-2


2010 Baltimore Ravens

Week Opponent........... Win% Avg Score

1 @New York Jets......... 74 17-12

2 @Cincinnati Bengals.... 64 19-16

3 Cleveland Browns....... 91 29-10

4 @Pittsburgh Steelers... 84 21-11

5 Denver Broncos .........70 23-14

6 @New England Patriots.. 61 19-17

7 Buffalo Bills.......... 85 22-8

9 Miami Dolphins......... 85 25-10

10 @Atlanta Falcons...... 84 23-13

11 @Carolina Panthers.... 49 18-20

12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.. 94 29-8

13 Pittsburgh Steelers... 57 19-16

14 @Houston Texans....... 60 20-18

15 New Orleans Saints.... 48 23-22

16 @Cleveland Browns..... 89 26-13

17 Cincinnati Bengals.... 67 22-14




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"Anything less than a Super Bowl win, really, is a disappointment for us,'' veteran Ravens receiver Derrick Mason said in a recent radio interview. "I think we've done more than enough over the last three years to put ourselves in position to win a championship. To do all we've done and not come out of this thing with a championship would be disheartening, especially for me because I'm looking at one, two years tops before I leave.


"I know a lot of the older guys on this team want to win a championship before they hang their cleats up. I just feel we are primed, and put together a great team. This is our opportunity to win a championship.''





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The pre-season accolades and kudos are all flattering. Im sure Crav is loving it, too.

Admittedly, I like the attention and feel we are getting our due.


At the same time, D-Mason's comments and overall expecations can also be a recipe for disaster.

For example, what if the team loses the first two (at Jets & Cinci) ? In my opinion, we will be fortunate to split those games.


My point, the attention is good so long as its kept in the right perspective.


I am in the camp that you dont get too far ahead on this stuff. An injury here, an injury there - e.g. Ray Ray goes down, our CB's struggle, Graham/Cundiff miss a couple GW FGs, Flacco goes down for few games, Ray Rice is out for a significant stretch. Just saying.


All that said, I dont see this team going 14-2 (sorry Crav). I do see a 10-6 or 11-5 (best case), if we stay healthy and the planets align.

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Ohhhhhh, some more love, Im all giddy now...


Seeing as NFL training camps across the league start in a little less than a week, I figured it was only natural for me to jump ahead all the way to the Super Bowl and predict which two teams will be lucky enough to compete in the big game and win Super Bowl XLV.


First, I’m going to start with the loaded AFC. There are five or six teams in the AFC that could go on to win the Super Bowl and I would not be surprised in the least. The Colts, Patriots, Ravens, Chargers, Jets and even the Steelers who are only one season removed from winning it all have an equal shot at being crowned AFC champs. But there is one team in this group who stands out to me. They have a great mix of youth, athleticism and playoff experience. In addition, this team has added some great pieces this offseason through both the draft and free agency. Calm down all you Jets fans out there, I am not talking about you. I’m talking about the Baltimore Ravens.



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I do love what I see so far but I'm going to throw a little water on this fire.

I agree with what Birk says here...


“I’d love to get a trophy in July, but that’s not the case,” said the six-time Pro Bowl center. ”It’s all what you do along the way. The story of your team is written throughout the course of your season, and that’s what’s important for us.”


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I do love what I see so far but I'm going to throw a little water on this fire.




Ditto. Birk is a wise man (didnt he go to Harvard ?) We are fortunate to have him and his veteran leadership. Hopefuly, the players and fans will learn from his example.

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I know i am not the only one in here but i hate all the "love" we are getting. I wish they would just ignore us lol. And this Ed Reed stuff is really starting to bother me.


Yep and bingo on the "Reed" deal. That has "potential cancer" written all ovder it. Think about it: Future HOFer creating dissension and undermining the organization.


I love Reed but he needs the gag order and these little side discussions (Reed, Troy Smith, Bulger) need to get flushed down the toilet. The other vets - Birk, Mason, Ray need to sit these boys down and explain the facts of life.


Johnny Unitas must be rolling in his grave !

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I love the love..I eat it up, I let my neighbors know theres a new kid on the block and he aint wearing black and baby diaper yellow..Shower me with the love, we deserve it!!!


Max & Rm52, I got me a vuvuzuela last week, you'll know its me coming up the hill at camp :)

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