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Great news. An ACL reconstruction would have been devastating for Perriman, even more so then compared to other players. Perriman is a speed receiver. If his ACL needed to be reconstructed, even if he came back in 2017, he would have lost speed. We would have never seen that 4.2 speed and Perriman would have to recreate his playing style, which would have been bad for a guy as raw as he is. Luckily this is not the case.


A partial tear that doesn't need surgery is nothing more than a sprain, which is why the team is saying he'll be back by training camp. I'm surprised his meniscus was untouched, usually that will tear before the ACL. Must have been a freak injury and fall he took. The scope he had will help with recovery. In addition to the stem cell injection, any possible scar tissue is cleaned up, which most people probably have to some degree.


Hopefully his ACL heels faster than his PCL. Just don't rush him, let him sit out the preseason if necessary.

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Yep it is great news. I hope the recovery goes like normal and not dragged out like last year. I don't think they'll rush him. Expect to see him sometime in the preseason if he has a normal healing process.


I sure hope this is the last bad news for Perriman for a long time. He deserves a clean shot.

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I said this last year and will repeat it. I want Breshad to succeed. I really hope he does, for him and the Ravens. He's one of the fastest receivers in the league. But, He went through the exact thing last year. partially torn PCL and stem cell injection- the same as this year. Now, I do remember reading an article about certain athletes who have a degenerative knee problem. It appears hereditary. I hope this is not Perriman. So, I have to admit, I'm not optimistic. Normally, I am. This is not the fault of the Ravens organization. Not at all. It is just pure bad luck, period.

I hope I am wrong! We really need this guy.

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