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Only 6 Wins This Year


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According to the oddsmakers....




If the oddsmakers are correct, the Baltimore Ravens are due for another long season.

The Ravens are favored to win only six games in 2016, according to CG Technology. That's a major disparity with AFC North rivals Pittsburgh Steelers (13 wins) and Cincinnati Bengals (11).

Baltimore is favored in its first two games, home against Buffalo and at Cleveland, and its Week 3 game at Jacksonville is a pick 'em. That means the Ravens are underdogs in eight of their next 12 games (there are no lines for the Week 17 games).

The most surprising part is the Ravens are underdogs for three home games: Pittsburgh (-2.5), Cincinnati (-1.5) and Philadelphia (-3). Baltimore is 48-16 at home under coach John Harbaugh, which is the third-best mark in the NFL since 2008.

The largest point spread in favor of the Ravens is their Week 10 home game against Cleveland (+8.5). The Ravens are the biggest underdogs in their Week 14 game at New England (-9).http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/27913/ravens-currently-favored-to-win-only-six-games-in-2016


Who the %$@%&%$!! is CG Technology?



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I wish they would put up a money line on that Mickey mouse Cg Tech site. First I would bet against their prediction of the Stealers having 13 wins, then icing in the cake would be betting on us with more then 6 wins.

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Well I don't feel especially optimistic myself but it's wayyyy too early to predict wins and losses. Let's see how training camp and the preseason go first.



Right, I would not be surprised if they won six or less, I also would not be surprised if they won 9 or more. This team, right now, is very health dependent, and full of, I love this part; YOUTH.....

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