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Way to go Mike...you nailed it...




Every day in training camp Patrick Onwuasor shows a major weakness of the Ravens.

They don’t have enough tough guys.

Onwuasor, an undrafted rookie out of Portland State, has either taken a cheap shot or one that is close every day in training camp.

On Sunday, he crushed defensive tackle Trevon Coley, who was holding a blocking dummy during a kickoff drill, and later took fullback Kyle Juszczyk to the ground with a high tackle that was not warranted.

Juszczyk responded by getting into a brief fight with Onwuasor, but where are the tough guys on this team? Why hasn’t some offensive lineman blasted this kid?

I understand Onwuasor is trying to make a name and hitting everything in sight. But former Ravens right guard Jeff Blackshear would have pulled Onwuasor’s tongue out by now....http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/bal-mike-preston-ravens-need-to-stand-up-to-bully-and-other-thoughts-and-observations-20160731-story.html


06-raypg-vertical.jpg"This is how you play the game son!"




The late Orlando Brown, the former Ravens offensive tackle known as “Zeus”, would have waited for practice to end and then attempted to drown Onwuasor in the cold tub. Even former right tackle Michael “Illegal Procedure” Oher would have taken out Onwuasor by now.

That’s a problem with this team.

Now, it must be stated that if receiver Steve Smith was practicing he would have dropped Onwuasor like George Foreman knocked out Joe Frazier....
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All fun and games til a starter gets injured. Tell Onwuasor and Correa to read their CBA before they go out there knocking the snot out of their teammates


You were there in training camp 2000 when Adams broke through the line and plowed head on it a RB. You could hear the hit in downtown Westminister. He wiped him out. Everybody was afraid to look. Never saw or heard of that RB since.

Ravens go on to win the Super Bowl.


Let's bring it back...



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