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Maybe Harbs can push this through


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John Harbaugh calls for preseason changes after Benjamin Watson tears Achilles

"If you go more games, fewer preseason games and bigger rosters, that's good for everybody," Harbaugh said. "To me, that's something that they can put their heads together and work out. It would be a positive."

Drop to only playing 2 PS games. Push the season to 18 regular season games. There would be 2 byes. Every player can only play 17 games so an injury or a granted week off for everyone. Expand the to say 65 and a game day roster of 53. I do not see why this can't be done increase players salaries and have at best marginally a bit more wear and tear.

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Why this would ruin the game. With the rule changes to practice in the last CBA, we have already seen an increase not only in injuries, but a decline in over play on the field.


Take out these games, reduce them, the players get even less time to "get in shape" to learn the system, to practice, yes practice, their craft. Quality of play will slip even further and yes, injuries, I believe, would increase; muscle injuries, pulled hammies, calf strains, even knee injuries.


The Ravens tried to blame the turf for Suggs' two achilles tears and for Smith Sr's... Now, on the first play of a game, no contact involved, new, natural grass, another one... It could have happened in practice for all we know.


I am not crazy about pre season games either, I do watch them to see how new players will perform. Harbs claims they can still evaluate players in practice without the games. Bull Hockey.

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I think something is on the move here.

While my overall season tickets cost the same, the preseason tickets are listed as half the price of the regular season ticket. Never saw that before.

Maybe this is a step in the direction of the NFL keeping the same income, but not slapping the fans in the face to pay top dollar to watch an inferior product.

The fans are still paying for it in the long run, but it might make it easier for the NFL to reduce preseason games by 2.


Speaking of getting killed in the wallet by the NFL, I went to see what a jersey with your name on it would cost me at the stadium. $160!

Why put vmax on it? Because I have overcome all problems of ego.



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