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Rooney rule for women


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Coming to an NFL league near you. I am sorry, forcing people to include everyone seems to defeat the purpose and can be discriminatory on its own.


If two people arw equally qualified for one job position, and you give it to one over the other based on skin tone, sex, or religion, it is the same as not giving it to one because of the same; discriminatory.

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Oh yes, we have a long way to go, but maybe, that is the point. We already have laws on the books prohibiting these hiring practices. The media has changed from even just 10 years ago, they will jump on any story if it gets them money. Social media has changed this country, the world for that matter.


There are now more people in positions who feel as we do; everyone is equal. I know, there are still many bigots out there, and things still need to come full circle, if they ever will is another topic.


But forcing the issue, to me, just seems wrong and counter productive. Maybe I am a bit biased, having been bitten, twice, by the being the wrong color bug because of quota systems.....

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