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players to go?


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I figure McClellan, Powers, Wright and Elam need to go for certain. They stink, have stunk since they were signed and have shown nothing in the way of improvement. Suggs & Dumervil need to go as well, but I think that goes without saying.


I would say Mosely should go, but I am biased in his regard, hated that draft pick and he has done nothing to change my mind. Always late to fill his gap, rarely gets a good drop, terrible at diagnosing plays, but hey, he can catch and makes a play once every 4 games.... But ditching half the starters on defense can't be done...


Ducosse (sp) and Zutah need to be gone from the line asap. Neither can hold a block, both just hold players to block. Floundering whales they are.


I love the heart and hard work Aiken has put in over the past few years. Excellent special teams player, one of the few receivers who block down field, dependable hands but he can't get seperation from a snail and if the ball isn't perfectly thrown he loses his balance and falls down...


Anyone else? I highly doubt Ozzie pulls the plug on many if any players mentioned, he loves Wright's play as much as Jenson's....

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The sad thing is that they have to hang on to these players until they have somebody better to replace them.

I'd classify these guys as" areas of weakness needing an upgrade."


You might want to add coaches to this thread. I've had enough.

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The ice cream man has to be better than Powers at recognizing routes and tackling, just simply because of the unknow skill compared with the known no skill.


Rookies, drafted or undrafted have to be better under the same premises.


We have already discussed Marty, Pees, Harbs, Castillo, (did you notice how well the Bengals' line played with almost all back ups, yet the Ravens can't make half a yard with just one new lineman), the scouts, Ozzie, frankly anyone who said to bring in these scrubs or draft the obvious, to us couch coaches, duds..


Passing up skilled players at position of need in favor of developmental players....

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Just went to dinner, ran into another ravens fan, we both are in dismay of Joe throwing so far behind aiken he falls down at the 1 and then he proceeds to throw a pick in the end zone...and then trots off the field like "oh well"


The time is come, he has the weapons, he makes the big bucks and we stink

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