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Cut Bait With FLA$$O


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Most people complain about Flacco not having vision, drive,decision making skills,interest in the craft,instincts and a host of other deficiencies. Why in the hell do fans make excuses and never talk about dumping the bumb.Coaching only goes so far then the players work on their abilities and skills sets. Flacco doesn't have what it takes to be great or good in the nfl. Hes now playing at a backup QB level,IMHO. Expect more of the same without making changes till he's gone period. Stop making excuses. Have a great day.

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We need to acquire or draft a legit QB - not just some guy to hold the clipboard or watch a couple years- and push his arse. If he, Harbs and Martyball and friends don't cut it; then the coaching staff is gone after 17.


There are several college QBs to be drafted and who knows maybe we will find us a another Prescott.


Even if Joe has an unexpectedly great 2017, we need a guy to take over soon. I'm ready for the next franchise QB; and the sooner the better.

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