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ER Expert Analysis of Draft so far


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In an unannounced 2am meeting last night the ER Board of Directors called an emergency meeting to share thoughts, opinions, expert analysis and things they are not wanting you to know........




The following is the first time in public, that the ER BOD is accidentally on purpose leaking their secret, well thought out conclusions:


Ozzie has 3 more picks left today to find defensive players.


In a private conversation with Joe Flacco, Ozzie assured Joe that he will get his offensive weapons and O lineman from the undrafted rookies immediately after the last pick in the draft.


Justin Tucker will make the most FG's and score the most points in NFL history this year.


Ozzie to Steve Bisciotti: "It worked in 2000.Trust me."


Marty Morningweg caught on camera leaving the Castle....



Today's fan fest may not be such a gala event....



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I think the offense is screwed.

With no competent Center or RT on the roster, I have to agree.

Signing Mangold now becomes a priority. I have no idea who or what may still be left in free agency or the draft for RT.

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37061_f520.jpg"It's great to hear from more of our resident experts!"


We need to stay calm. As soon as the draft ends, DeCosta, as promised, will call and sign this man to protect Joe Flacco....



What an inspiring human interest story!

Should be a great presence in the locker room.


How about papa's well researched and thought out conclusion!

"I think the offense is screwed."

I'm sure we'll hear more from him on this.



Here's a sneak peek at one of many fans lining up to call Ravens sports talk radio Monday morning...


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hey HEY! That is my job!


He's telling the Truth!

rm52 is our covert source for information at the Castle.

A master of disguise. Here's a couple of shots of him blending in with the environment...like those Navy Seals....


1e07eq.jpg tumblr_m74dpr4l4a1qii70fo4_250.gif

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So you are fine with a weak RT and C?

Papa, sometimes you make me wonder if you're really a Raven fan at all. Very seldom do you have anything nice to say about them. And if you really ARE a Raven fan, you can not expect absolute perfection every time. If so, you should move to Mashachussetts.

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Maybe you should have a memory longer than a gnat. I stopped being a Ravens fan when they signed Stallworth. I have reiterated that numerous times. Catch up already.

You actually stopped being a fan because you disagreed with a signing? Seriously? I've never heard anyone do that before. Scary.

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