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Greg Roman

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Really stepping out on a limb here, but I really liked what this guy had to say. Impressed with the last paragraph the most. Reminded me of Pagano's organized chaos theory on D. If we shore up the O-line somehow could be a good year. We need 2 good lineman.





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Yea...I like what he said in the last paragraph. He can't say too much about what they are up too, but it sounds physical, pissed off and that is a good thing. :gorave:


Here's the Man of the Hour and we know little about him; Joe D'Alessandris (pronounced dell-ah-SAHN-dress), Offensive Line Coach. He's got to produce a miracle.

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I think the D'Allesandris hire was a good one but I don't think any offensive mind is going to overcome the Center and Tackle problem unless they get better personnel in those two slots.


This is one reason why you have to look deep into coaching hires. Look what they had to work with. A lot of coaches get great press for their accomplishments and nobody mentions their units were stacked deep with great talented players.

Look no further than Billick the Offensive Guru.

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