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Orr Changes His Mind

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Which screws the Ravens....




Now...if they want Orr they will have to get into a bidding war.



Orr, 25, is technically a free agent because the Ravens didn't tender him as a restricted free agent in March.

He announced his retirement in January because of a congenital neck and spine condition that puts him at an increased risk for fatality and paralysis. Five months later, Orr revealed he has received differing opinions from doctors in an appearance on the NFL Network.

As a result of Orr's retired-but-not-retired situation, eight teams have reached out to Orr since he revealed his intention to return, according to ESPN's Dan Graziano. Orr will visit the Detroit Lions on Thursday.

The Ravens didn't sign a free agent or draft anyone this year to replace Orr in the middle of their defense, but there is no guarantee they would want to bring back Orr. His condition is a complicated one that carries serious implications.

Orr would have to be medically cleared by the Ravens, and their stance might not have changed since the end of the season, when a CAT scan revealed that the first cervical vertebrae at the top of his spine never fully formed.http://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/36785/ravens-players-lobbying-zach-orr-to-stay-after-ending-retirement


I say use the money on an O lineman.



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Ozzie looks bad for not putting him on the reserved retired list


Yes he does.

Even if their information on Orr is that he should not play again and is too much of a risk....they could have got something. and if he's fine then they get him at a good price.

now it may get way too costly and they only have around 5.2 mil in CAP space with more needs....and somebody may get injured...so they need the money.

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We're talking about a 25 year old second team all pro. They don't grow on trees. This whole situation is fishy but that said if Orr is going to play next year the Ravens screwed up by not making sure they kept his rights.

2 issues, how ever. His condition leaves him more prone to slipped or blown discs. Which can lead to pinched nerves in the neck, leaving one with many different types of pain, even presenting as a torn rotator cup for an example.


Oh yes, then there are the head aches, sciatica, etc that are far more likely. Oh yes, I know this from experience...


He made 2nd team all pro because of his numbers that were inflated because he was on a bad defense that struggled to tackle.


Pass, they made the right call, it is not as if even had they retained hia rights they could have gotten anything better than a conditional 7th round pick in a draft some time in the future.


2ndly, he may get into camp and see that retirement is much better...

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