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PFT preseason power rankings No. 16: Baltimore Ravens

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But they need more touchdowns after ranking 21st in scoring. Joe Flacco didn’t have one of his best seasons, with 20 touchdowns, 15 interceptions and an 83.5 passer rating, but now more than a year away from reconstructive knee surgery, he should be more comfortable. The offense, though, still lacks playmakers with only Jeremy Maclin and Danny Woodhead added to the mix. That will make it difficult on the Ravens to get done what they want to get done this season.


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I have to say that after hearing the rookies reported to camp yesterday and were taking physicals that I have raised my win total for the Ravens by 1 game. :)


It's that time of year.

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They were #7 to end the season. Most of the season they were #1. So you think by being either another 2 spots better or 3 worse they will be a better than middle of the pack team?


You're right Papa, I'm so stupid and you're the Raven expert. I happen to think the Ravens are going to be alot better on offense than you give them credit for.

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