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Jon Ogden


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This is a few weeks old now, but Jonathan Ogden was rated by NFL Network as the 72nd best player in NFL history on their NFL Top 100 series (Ray was given #18 last week).


This is the video presentation, done by Michael Strahan. Pretty cool.



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Other Ravens made the list too:


Ed Reed was #88 and was presented by Hines Ward: http://www.nfl.com/videos/baltimore-ravens/09000d5d81a58346/NFL-s-Top-100-Players-No-88-Ed-Reed


I can't find the videos for them yet, but Ray Lewis was #18 (he was presented by Marvin), Ozzie was # 73, Rod Woodson was #41, Deion Sanders was #34.

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That's good representation. It is the top 100 and there have been a ton of great players since the league began.


It's terrific having the pleasure to watch those greats play. There's good, then special then great. We've been able to witness all of that.


Gino was one of my favorites. In many ways he was the glue that held those great Colt teams together. He set the tone and standard like Ray Lewis does today.

Certainly Johnny U and Berry did too.


To have 3 greats in the Ravens early beginning in Ed, J.O. and Ray is a total blessing. The generation of Baltimore football fans who missed out on great football in Baltimore got to taste it very early...a Super Bowl championship in just 5 years has to have hooked this city and state on the Ravens.


How it was played 'back in the day'...



Well...it looks like not much has changed... :)

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Some big names still not listed. Walter Payton, Joe Montana (my pick for best QB), Jerry Rice (lol he might actually get my pick for #1 player - I thought he was a tremendous player). Lots of punters still to come too.


I guess Lawrence Taylor too. I figured Ray being as good as he has for so long might have him ranked above Taylor but I guess not.


Oh well its just a silly list.

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Trying to guess who makes up the Top 10:


Walter Payton

Peyton Manning

Joe Montana

Jerry Rice

Johnny Unitas

Lawrence Taylor

Jim Brown

Reggie White


I think those 8 are probably locks. Beyond that, though, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the last 2. Cris Carter and Dick Butkis are 2 names I haven't seen yet, so maybe its them. Thoughts?

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Final 10:


10. Dick Butkis

9. Don Hutson

8. Peyton Manning

7. Reggie White

6. Johnny Unitas

5. Walter Payton

4. Joe Montana

3. Lawrence Taylor

2. Jim Brown

1. Jerry Rice



Is that final and legit?

Wow I am really amazed. I am pretty happy with that list. Amazed a QB wasnt #1, but I am glad. As I posted earlier Rice may have been my #1.

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