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Baker is a threat

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Browns' Baker Mayfield is perfect fit for NFL's most imperfect team; 'Sometimes, I wanna chop him in the throat'

He is exactly as advertised: A hot-tempered, aggressive competitor who energizes a meeting room — or an entire stadium — merely with his presence. His bravado is an acquired taste for some. And Mayfield knows it.

“I mean, he’s a d— … when you have to play him,” Garrett matter-of-factly adds with a grin. “Even in practice, sometimes, I wanna chop him in the throat. He talks smack to everybody.”

The caring teammate

Mayfield scurried around the kitchen, ensuring everything was in order before his guests arrived.

The intimate setting — his home, located roughly 20 minutes from the Browns practice facility — was chosen by design. For once, the moment wasn’t about him. It was for them, the offensive linemen, starters and backups alike, who cover his ass each week. And although he wasn’t tasked with preparing dinner, he was determined to make the evening special. It was Mayfield’s way of taking care of his guys.

So, in between forkfuls of food and waves of laughter, the rookie quarterback opened bottles of wine and made sure their bellies were full.

“He does take care of us,” Bitonio said of their dinner party a few Thursdays ago. Every offensive lineman was invited, he noted, and seven were able to join Mayfield and his fiancee, Emily Wilkinson.

“I’ve had quarterbacks take us out before,” added the left guard, now in his fifth season in Cleveland. “But I’ve never actually had them invite us to their house and make food.”

An invitation for a home-cooked meal may not seem like much, but Mayfield’s gesture was noted within the locker room. “He loves his guys,” Garrett said. “Especially the o-line. Those are his boys. He shows respect and that’s how it should be.”


If they hire a good coach they win the div in a couple yrs.

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