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Texans Game


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In my opinion, the outcome of Monday nights' Texans game will determine our playoff fate. On the surface, you could argue its just another game. But in reality, how we respond in "primne time" after the Steelers loss will tell us all we need to know about this team. Can the offense and Cam wake up ? Can Joe respond in a big way ? Can the 3 head monster be resurrected ? Can we control Schaub and their offense ?


If we win, we have a good shot of getting in the playoffs. If not, we are out in my mind and not worthy of the playoffs.


It should be clear as a bell after Monday night !

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Guest BallTMore

The Ravens can hang with every team in the league. Against elite qbs they have trouble finishing on both offense and defense, but they're always in the game.


I'm pretty confident going into Houston. Don't care about Johnson, he'll get his yards. Forster may even get a few big chucks, but I think well keep them out of the endzone, and our offense will put up tds instead of fgs.

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I got to let go of the worrying. At this point I have very limited expectations....well...I don't expect them to cave like the Jets.

I'm going to sit down Monday night and enjoy some good football...root for the Ravens and hope they get the O train rolling.



Bitter as Sunday nights loss was, there was some very good football played by certain Ravens and units.

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Mentioning some very good football played: Suggs. The guy was an animal, he played the pass, rush, everything. I saw one play where Suggs had a wide open lane to Ben, but he noticed the RB slipping out of the backfield. He made the right choice, broke off his pass rush (no one between him and Ben btw) and covered the RB. The result of the play, incompletion. How many Sack masters do that? The guy is a football player, not a pass rush specialist. The guy is earning every bit of that contract. He plays hard nosed football every week.

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In seven of their last eight games — not counting the shutout against Tennessee and its rookie quarterback — the Texans have surrendered 34, 31, 30, 29, 31, 30 and 34 points. Now that's consistency!


Here's the "Homer of the Year" article..


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