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Hue fired

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Can't get it right Browns...........



It’s bad enough that Williams was allowed back in the league after a one-year suspension. But to now reward him with another chance to be a head coach given his history of actively encouraging players to injure each other? What a disgrace. What a weak, desperate look by a franchise that must be addicted to being mocked.

Was there really no other option here for the Browns?

When you’re 2-5-1, the goal for Cleveland should have been to be forgotten until it was time to make a hire in January. Instead, the Browns looked at their lineup of in-house coaches and said, “We want the one who’s going to connect our franchise to one of the most despicable scandals in NFL history.”

For those whose memory is fuzzy about who Williams is and what he’s about, the NFL found “irrefutable proof” in 2012 that Williams, during his three years as defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints, had orchestrated a bounty program by which players would get cash rewards from a pool for knocking opponents out of a game.

In addition to the regular $1,000 rewards for “cart-offs,” special bounties were placed on star quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Brett Favre and the money went up in the playoffs.

Even worse, Williams has barely shown any remorse for his actions, choosing to blame everybody else rather than show some introspection about so blatantly crossing the line of acceptable competition, even in a brutal game like football........https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/columnist/dan-wolken/2018/10/29/course-browns-promoted-gregg-williams-bountygate-scandal/1811042002/

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Browns clown ex-coach Hue Jackson with interception celebration


Look no further than this interception by Damarious Randall early in the second quarter. After picking off Andy Dalton, Randall immediately runs over to the Bengals sideline and kindly hands the ball off to Jackson. Possibly forgetting which team he currently works for, Jackson proceeds to slap Randall’s helmet as if he’s congratulating Randall on the play.


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