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Tonights Game Performance


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On paper, we should hammer them, start out with the pass, get that in gear, than run the dam ball 30+ times and 200 yards..We have to get the confidence back for the O-Line and RB's, we've been pathetic in that area, I cant believe a Ravens Team is 31st in the NFL in running the ball.

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If the Ravens give 30 points to the lowly Texans, then we have no business at all talking playoffs..


42-3 Ravens



42-3 Ravens? Crav, exactly what Christmas cheer have you spiked your purple kool- aid with ?

Either that or you have been watching too may Pats games and are fantasizing about Flacco being Tom Brady.

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We got so ridiculously lucky. Talk about an inept second half gameplan. No blitzes whatsoever, yet houston blitzed repeatedly. Pure vanilla offense with no real throws downfield. Lastly, our offensive line must have visted Spain this week and watched some Bull Fights. They looked like they weren't even there. I just don't understand why we gameplan so well in the first half and just look pathetic in the second half of every game this year. Our coaching staff just refuses to call plays that pressure the opposing team. We just sit back and hope we don't lose. It's pathetic. With the talent this team has the sky is the limit, however with the coaches we have I'm not holding out much hope.

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