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Good Piece on Greg Roman per Taylor Lyons Street Talk RSR


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Stock Down: Greg Roman

The collapse of the offense was eerily similar to the playoff loss to Tennessee. Completely abandoning the run game can not happen.

I point to a sequence on the very first drive. As we all saw, the Ravens offense quickly and efficiently marched downfield into the red zone. First and ten on the 15-yard line, and a touch pass to a sweeping Devin Duvernay gains seven yards and sets Roman and the offense up with second and short. You would think a team that set all sorts of records in rushing would continue to do what got them in scoring position in the first place, but instead Roman calls two pass plays in a row.

The results? A throw away to avoid a sack with no one open, and a completed pass short of the first down marker to bring Tucker onto the field. Six points right there would have been huge, and a touchdown on the first possession could have set the tone and allowed them to stick with their style of play, which Roman seemingly only does with a lead.

Moving away from the run game is the biggest takeaway for me. Every time it happens, the Ravens lose. There’s a debate out there to be had if the Ravens are built to come from behind (so far they aren’t), but that’s not what this is. In seemingly every high stakes game, whether it be in the playoffs or against Kansas City, Roman seems to abandon the run.


As I said previously, I would like to see Duvernay and Proche’s involvement in the offense increase. The Chiefs have at least three speedsters at receiver, and they excel at taking the top off the defense and allowing Mahomes to show off his arm while Travis Kelce and Clyde Edwards-Helaire work in the middle of the field and out of the backfield, respectively.

Furthermore, Andy Reid and Eric Beinemy dove deep into the playbook with touchdowns to the fullback and an offensive lineman. John Harbaugh and Roman have the personnel to mimic some of this. Duvernay played on just seven offensive snaps, and Proche never saw the field on that side of the ball. These two offer elite speed, something the other pass catchers outside of Marquise Brown don’t have, and would add another wrinkle to an already lethal offense.

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12 minutes ago, papasmurfbell said:

But Roman is just the latest coordinator to run into this problem here.  By my count this is rthe 4th one to have games where this happens.  I believe under cam and marry we heard I will not let them abandon the run.  So my question is does the oc keep out thinkiing himself or does harbs butt in?

Papa, you seem to have the "inside scoop"; what do you think ?   it probably goes back to Cavanaugh and Billick, too.  I'm sure every team has this problem.  Our OCs just seem to have a real penchant for abandoning the run game.     As for the last game, 1st drive ; why on earth did we abandon the run as we are gouging KCs D.  Game changer right there.  We get a FG; KC then scores a TD.  Game over !           

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I just go back to. Harbs press conferences following losses at least twice where he said if he sees the offense getting out of balance for no reason he will step in and get them back on point.  I have never seen this done ever.  I have seen Bill, and Andy do it. I have seen harbs step in when the special teams is not performing though.  So I look at it as a competence issue.

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This article says the same thing and makes a good point....


What do you do when you’ve averaged 10 yards-per-carry on the first drive of the game? If you’re the Baltimore Ravens, you completely abandon the run because your opponent scored a touchdown.

The Ravens picked up 60 rushing yards on six attempts on the first drive alone. They found repeated success running to the outside, working against a questionable linebacker corps and a defensive line that was pinning their ears back for Jackson. But on the eight other drives in this game, Baltimore rushed just 14 times (one kneel down at the end of the game isn’t counted) on 42 total offensive plays, including some not-designed scrambles from Jackson...............https://ravenswire.usatoday.com/2020/09/29/baltimore-ravens-continue-trend-of-abandoning-he-run-when-tested-early/

Since the O line can"t pass protect the the Ravens need to dish out a steady dose of runs to keep defenses on their heels.


Whether this is a case of Baltimore panicking in certain situations or offensive coordinator Greg Roman being a little too cute for his own good, it doesn’t much matter. This has developed into a pattern at this point and one that’s more than a little concerning for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

It’s easy to bully bad teams but if the Ravens want to actually win a playoff game, they’re going to have to figure out how to go with the hot hand and not be goaded into becoming one-dimensional. Until that happens, critics have every right to wonder if Baltimore can be anything more than regular-season darlings.


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11 minutes ago, varaven45 said:

We lost the game when we settled for the FG on the 1st drive.  Yep, gotta pound the dang rock ! 

The real question now is how Harbs/ GRoman will respond.   :)     

When that happened I said to my son that this is how you lose games like this. You have to score 7's against a team like KC.

Then the blown call on Boyle for tripping kills a promising start to a second drive.

Memo to Roman: If defenses are killing your QB then Run them over!

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