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This is the most important election in my life time. I truly believe that my children's future, your children's future and the future of all life on this planet is at stake. As I stated in another post, "now we are facing an Extinction Event, with a tipping point not that far off. If we don't act now, what we and the world are currently experiencing is simply a small taste of what's to come. Go past that tipping point and we become the Titanic. End Game."

This is why it's so critical to vote now. Trump will do nothing towards this and we lose 4 more years of precious time. That would mean 8 total years wasted with huge consequences that can't be reversed."

I think that I've dropped a few hints about who I'm voting for. :fishin:

Everyone please vote. Well...... everyone except those who are hood winked and under the spell of a megalomaniac  pathological liar, whose Confidence Game is to have you believe that what you see and are experiencing isn't real.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ6yNVKDTNQAsS-rrh12TB....It's not your fault. Huge populations of good people have been mesmerized before....think 1930's Germany.  Better to stay home and not vote if you believe Donald. You'll be serving your fellow man.


Hoping to beat the long lines, I got up this morning planning to be my early voting site in Arbutus by 6am. Polls open at 7. I was up so early that I got there sound 5:30 and was the second person in line. I left the Poll at 7:20 and the line outside was almost a quarter mile long....maybe 800 people! :scared:

From what I hear, the best times to beat the lines are between 10-2. Or you can go early like I did.

And if you can't, then I hope that you are willing, like I was, to stand in line for 4 hours if that's what it takes.

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Trump has supporters,  not cult followers......is what I to myself when I drive by two houses in my area that look like a trump campaign store blew up on them.  

Most politicians have followers who have boat parades and car convoys.

All perfectly normal

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7 hours ago, Spen said:

I'm off this week,  trying to early vote but so far my local place has been packed. Consistent times of 2-3 hours.  I'll try later,  if not I will go on election day.  

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSST07SVHF3_mMwcVI35b7 You should vote tomorrow. There's going to be an all day deluge of rain. Nobody is stupid enough to go out in that. :fishin:images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYz9PvHeAqPoRUEgMvlgE

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10 hours ago, deeshopper said:

Voted on Monday. Went around 3 pm. Was in and out in about 15 minutes.


I was thinking that we would have to get the ER bus on the road to help members go vote. Now it looks like we can keep it in the garage. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT2CzgOi5phaNNCPN-pKYT


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We can be responsible once in awhile. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHuxyjiVsnno6T5UYNsLS

Everybody gets a free album for this....images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRQOd7XjAaw2RJMXN9Ess1

On the serious side. It feels good to exercise this important duty. Next up: Election night. For me it will be like watching the football scores on NFL Red Zone. I'll be nervous as shit hoping my team wins. I must love being nervous...every Sunday in the Fall. :D

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2 hours ago, papasmurfbell said:

My gfs ballot went out this afternoon.   She got the ballot in the mail last night.   We went over then.  She is a pa resident so had t9 do absentee.

Scariest thing I've read all Halloween season

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My TV will now stay on 24/7 until a winner is declared. I'm retired so I can do what I want. :thumbup:

In the past, I'd vote, go to work and not stay up watching the TV because I had to work the next day. I realized that the only thing I had control over was casting my vote. The outcome was beyond my control and no amount of mental/emotional involvement on my part was going to change a thing.

Now....I've been closely following this and learning a lot that I never had time to learn. How the whole election and voting system works. Just like following football, I like the strategies, following the polls, the various paths to victory for each candidate...and these 2 do not like each other! :yeah:

Side note: While Joe Biden is not my ideal candidate, at 77 years old, running this hard, standing toe to toe, trading blows and taking on a big bully..images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTgfQCFkJNTRPum9JwikGl..I find this inspiring. Joe's one tough fighter. He seems to be a decent man too.

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The democratic party is wholly pathetic and useless.  Even if Joe wins tonight he does not deserve any benefit of the doubt for any kind of governance.  This election is a fucking layup and he is getting rolled by an incompetent.  Once done the fight is on to get what the ppl need and fuck their elite puppet masters.  #OperationNoHoneymoon


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There's no winner. We all lose. Protests are popping up all over the place, some violent, and people are upset and disillusioned on both sides. Lot's of shock, hate and division. How do you bring this kind of America together?

Right now it looks like it will take a miracle for Biden to win.

I do believe the vote counting is fair and precise. Whoever wins....well, that's democracy no matter how disappointed I may be with my fellow American citizens if the winner is Trump. I did not think the vast majority would be gullible enough to believe his lies. It seems they believed them. That is shocking to me. I believe they are good people and have been misled.


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