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$$$ Lucky Joe


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That's what we should call Joe Flacco. He's won a Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP and car. He gambled and bet on himself in free agency and cashed in huge.  

image.jpeg.566257fb22ea82cff14a6456674458a7.jpeg"They even gave me a car! Image result for photosjoeflaccoravens"Felt Good!"Image result for joe flacco super bowl run For Ravens fans the first years of Joe's rookie contract were really good.

And then he cashed in and became a bottom tier QB.

Boring, inconsistent Joe. He didn't grow and develop off his Super Bowl season. He regressed and the Ravens paid for it. The fans did too as they had to watch an offense that hurt their eyes and brain.  https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR1WbCIkcPiA3L_66BqqIFgQ-EuMmSnNwYLVEfmCGFf61-7x8BQ&s


Eventually, finally, mercifully he was told to sit down and watch Lamar...even though there was no passing offense installed for him.

Image result for flacco jackson photos "Well I'll be damned!"

And then he became the NFL's highest paid cheerleader. Image result for flacco jackson photos



Financially, he can do no wrong. It seems people love giving him money;


Joe Flacco, Eagles agree to one-year contract - BGN

The Eagles are signing free agent quarterback Joe Flacco to a one-year contract, according to his agency. The deal is worth $3.5 million guaranteed and up to $7.5 million with incentives, according to Adam Caplan. That’s ... more than expected. Flacco’s deal with the Jets last year was reportedly only worth $1.5 million. I’m not sure how his value went up. [...] (Compensatory pick note: As Jimmy Kempski points out, the Flacco signing wipes out the Eagles potentially gaining a 2022 fifth-round pick for losing Jalen Mills.)

Eagles sign QB Joe Flacco to baffling contract - PhillyVoice

If the Eagles were poised to be a contending team in 2021 and they really liked Flacco at this stage of his career for some reason, then you could maybe squint and find some merit in paying him this kind of money. But in a rebuilding season, and barely any room at all under the salary cap, this feels like a pretty indefensible and illogical signing.

The QB Factory Stays Busy - Iggles Blitz

The Eagles overpaid for a backup QB. Flacco might have had another suitor or two, but he wasn’t exactly a hot name. Last year he played for $1.5M. Paying more than double in a year with a reduced cap is just bizarre, and that’s about as positive as you can be. One of Howie’s weaknesses has been overpaying veterans. Unless there is some angle I’m missing, this is another case of that. For whatever reason, the Eagles like Flacco. That’s fine. They needed a veteran backup. I can live with him in that role. I’m just struggling to understand the deal. Why pay Flacco that much? It isn’t a fortune, but you don’t want to spend money you don’t have to. I said yesterday that Howie had made good moves so far this offseason. This isn’t one of them....The Linc - Joe Flacco signing “makes no sense on any level” (msn.com)


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4 hours ago, GrubberRaven said:

Curious how much of a veteran presence he'll be.

Not much. He stills takes his family to Burger King to eat out. His teammates won't go for that.


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Good for him and the Eagles. Decent money for Joe at this point in his career and very low money spent by the Eagles. Plus he is a local boy. If it works out - great. If not no big deal. 

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So? They hired a player not a coach. If the fans want a mentor for Hurts they should urge the team to hire a retired player or someone to mentor him,

Good move, no risk move by the team and a decent deal for Joe.

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