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What this means for the Ravens


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Union & Management will be meeting before an arbitrator today in DC.


Thats a huge step in the right direction to get a new CBA in place by next weeks end.


So when we get a new CBA in place, we can get Ngata signed long term..


2. Dont for one second think Cam is off the hotseat, personally I feel he wasnt fired because just in case the lockout would of taken thru the summer, it wouldnt have been fair to the offense to show up in mid July with a brand new O-Coord that dosent even know his players..When this gets settled, I wouldnt be suprised one bit if Cam is relieved of his duties..

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Next weekend???

You think this is a serious move to get things done by March 3rd?


To me, it looks like the NFL is caving in some to agree to see a mediator. They won't open the books, they want the union to get a lesser share and now they're saying "Let's go to a mediator. Maybe he can talk us into giving up money."

I don't get it. What's the move behind this move?


So they can say "We tried!" when they lock out the players?

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To me, it looks like the NFL is caving in some to agree to see a mediator


Thats what you want...Seldom will you see the 2 sides hash out a strike or a lockout on their own, they need a mediator, Management always think they give too much, while the Union always thinks its not enough..


The 2 sides bringing is an arbitrator this early, is a good sign..Things are going to roll this week..


From my experience, when UPS went on strike in the 90's we shut the country down, no goods moved, and there was no give from either side, you remember who stepped in and kicked both sides in their asses to get an agreement??





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I never knew that Cam was in the hot seat



Why do you think Zorn was made the scapegoat? If there was a cba in place, they both would have been fired, but not with a threat of a long lockout hanging over their head, Ravens were forced to keep Cam..My Opinion only..

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Maybe the mediator was brought in on teh owners side to look like they are going through the motions. If they really wanted to get it done bring in an arbiter.




“I would go on the offensive,” Miller said in a telephone interview from his apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. “I would demand the end of the salary cap now and in the future and go from there. You’ve got to show the owners you mean it. I’d follow it immediately with a series of meetings with players to work out their demands for changes in their contracts. And I’d serve them to the owners. I’d show them you’re not kidding.”


I think Marvin should keep his yap shut. It is not like he hasn't helped to ruin baseball forever.

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I'm not sure if either the union or management is sincere at this point. I think they've both dug in their heels.

Getting a mediator is better than nothing and at least they're still talking but I suspect its just a PR move. Like Papa said, if they were serious they would have tone to an arbitrator not a mediator.


I hope I'm wrong and they do have an agreement in a week or two.


As for Miller, I disagree with a lot of what he says. The salary cap is what keeps football competitive between franchises. If baseball had one, small market teams would have more of a chance to win than they do now. On the other hand, baseball players, before free agency, were treated like cattle. In football, the combination of a salary cap and free agency after a few years seems fair to me to both sides and has been very successful to the popularity and wealth of the league owners and players alike.

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