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Gruden resigns

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Wow, never saw that coming. Lets the Raiders out of that stupid $100 million contract over 10 years.

What he said 10 years ago was wrong, but to cost him his job, today? This cancel culture is out of control.


Well, let me correct my self. Given the new information that has been uncovered in ALL of the emails, not just those about D Smith, Gruden is a crass person, clearly. "Never meant to hurt anyone"? Just what do you think those words about women, African Americans, LGBT, about human beings, would do?

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11 minutes ago, papasmurfbell said:

And what probably did it was what he said about goody and ownership.  Also what else is out there now?

Right, is there more to this that he is hiding?


Gruden used racist, sexist, homophobic and transophobic language in the emails, which the Times reports dated from 2010 through 2018, before Gruden was hired by the Raiders for his second stint with the team. Per the Times, he often called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a “f—t” and a “clueless anti football p—y.” He also used homophobic slurs to describe NFL owners, coaches and reporters who cover the league.

Gruden also reportedly exchanged emails with Allen and others that included photos of women wearing only bikini bottoms. One photo reportedly included two Washington Football Team cheerleaders. Per the Times, Gruden and Allen also sometimes included Ed Droste, the co-founder of Hooters; Jim McVay, an executive who has run the Outback Bowl; and Nick Reader, the founder of PDQ Restaurants, in the emails.

Per the Times, Droste in 2017 shared a sexist meme of a woman refereeing in the NFL, with Gruden replying, "Nice job roger."

Gruden also criticized larger issues that surfaced in or otherwise had platforms of discussion in the league. For example, he reportedly criticized former President Barack Obama during his 2012 reelection campaign and called then-vice president Joe Biden a “nervous clueless p—y.” Gruden reportedly also denounced the league for attempting to reduce concussions, adding that Eric Reid — who demonstrated during the playing of the national anthem as a form of protest against police brutality — should be fired.



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Just catching up with this although I heard it at the game last night.

Good that he's gone. 650,000 emails must have the same stuff on other NFL people as Gruden. This is about to blow up and reveal some real ugly facts. 

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Another clasless move by Little Danny boy; announcimg TODAY that they will retire Shaun Taylor's jersey THIS SUNDAY.... What, you couldn't announce a month ago? Two weeks ago? Even a week ago?

You couldn't wait until the next home game?

Oh wait, people are talking about all of the emails with naked, topless cheerleaders of the WFT, clearly a move to try and distract from those emails.... Hey, show us, not your boobs, show us all of the emails...

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