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It's A RedZone Day

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48 minutes ago, cravnravn said:

Leaveland got spanked...Still on top of the AFCN

I never expected much without Chubb.  I wonder how bakers knee is.  


Cam signed earlier in the week.


The titans are a concern too.  They only have 3 more tough or sort of hard games left.  They will make the playoffs.  If they stay alive while there Henry could make a comeback in the 2md week of the p.o.   A tested Henry and that d probably makes them the acc rep in the sb.

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Observations from a fun day:
Mike White Era is Over. 4 INT'S. 39.7 rating. He said he should have been taken #1 in the draft...seriously
Keenam>Baker. Progressive make furious attempt to sign him and evict Baker

Steelers tie Lions

Browns most talented defensive roster on paper gave up 184 yards rushing and 268 pass yards. 452 total yards  ..and 45 points

Broncos and Raiders lose. Chargers lose.

Not a bad off day for the Ravens who stay in 1st place. There is not 1 dominant team in the AFC North. In the AFC,  at the moment, you could make the argument that the Bills, Patriots, Titans and Chiefs could emerge to be dominant, yet they have their fair share of weaknesses.


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In a Playoff Spot

1. Tennessee Titans, 8-2 (AFC South leader)

2. Buffalo Bills, 6-3 (AFC East leader)

3. Baltimore Ravens, 6-3 (AFC North leader)

4. Kansas City Chiefs, 6-4 (AFC West leader)

5. Pittsburgh Steelers, 5-3-1 (First wild card)

6. New England Patriots, 6-4 (Second wild card)

7. Los Angeles Chargers, 5-4 (Third wild card)

On the Bubble

8. Cincinnati Bengals, 5-4

9. Las Vegas Raiders, 5-4

10. Indianapolis Colts, 5-5

11. Cleveland Browns, 5-5

12. Denver Broncos, 5-4

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Patriots have turned into a really solid team. Maybe the best of the lot.

Titans weakness? Tannehill and Peters. Tannehill had a good game Sunday yet he's up and down. #23 passing attack. Their running game? 29 carries, 66 yards, 2.3ypc. defense #21 in yards. 15th in points...Ok D.

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"Somewhere, somehow, an upset is coming today that will defy the odds and expectations," Bell wrote. "When they say it's a 'week-to-week' league, believe them. Throw COVID-19 on top of the typical injury factor, off-field distractions and parity, and the equation results in unpredictability we see each week – some weeks more than others.

"Sure, it's way too early to place much stock in how the playoff order is aligned at the moment. The second half of the season, with the December stretch run, will be the typical wild chase and exactly what the NFL wants parity to produce."

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