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Bombs Away!


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Flacco to Smith! :)

Hey...a fan can dream...


Flacco and Smith coordinated a meeting in the quarterback’s home of New Jersey, as Smith tweeted he was on his way to drive there early this morning. Undrafted Maryland defensive back Antwine Perez was also present, presumably to cover Smith.


A fan asked Smith how the workout went via Twitter.


“great!!! timing was perfect last pass was a 70 yrd bomb,” Smith responded.



Joe has been reaching out. He's in touch with everybody which is a good sign.

I bet he's think about how he can use Smith...and probably excited.

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I think Joe's going to put 'a hurting' on the haters this year. He's been getting bashed a lot nationally.

This latest from Dhani Jones....


"[He’s a] capable quarterback [but] if you put a lot of pressure on him, he makes bad decisions," Jones said of Flacco during an interview on NFL Network. "Any time we were able to line up in the box, we were able to confuse him. He was always throwing picks. He was always making bad judgment calls."



I like the talk...this will put extra fire in Joe.

I think he's reaching a point where he's going to get that killer instinct.

Joe 'Safe Conservative' Flacco to Joe 'You Know What? I'm gonna Hurt You' Flacco.


Joe wants that Super Bowl ring.

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Joe gets some love here from ESPN


In an ESPN.com Insider piece, KC Joyner writes that Flacco is in Rivers’ company. Crunching the numbers in the way only he can, Joyner makes the argument that Flacco is in Rivers’ league as a deep passer. Rivers is considered by many NFL observers to have the prettiest deep ball in the league.

...Anquan Boldin has a very limited history of being a vertical threat and he was paired up with Derrick Mason and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, a tandem of aging possession receivers.


Flacco was able to do more than just work around these limitations. He actually excelled with this trio, evidenced by 1,472 yards on the 133 vertical targets aimed at these three.


That equates to an 11.1 vertical YPA overall, but what is more impressive is that each of the three ended up posting a double-digit vertical YPA mark (11.3 for Boldin, 11.9 for Houshmandzadeh, 10.4 for Mason). To put that into perspective, consider that only five other teams ended up with three qualifying pass-catchers in double digits in vertical YPA (47 total targets needed to qualify).


Flacco's downfield passing expertise did not stop there. He posted a 12.5 vertical YPA and 15.1 stretches vertical YPA on throws to targets other than the aforementioned three. Both of those figures are more than a yard higher than what the possession trio posted, and they should increase further with a legitimate deep-threat possibility this year in second-round pick Torrey Smith.



You probably have to read the whole article for this to make sense but in essense...Bombs away!

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Chicago Bears star Brian Urlacher said Wednesday that being excluded from a list of the top 10 linebackers in the league didn't upset him, although he's not very impressed by the list's author.

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones provided the list to the NFL Network, and Jones ranked himself seventh while leaving off Urlacher, asking the question: "When was the last time Urlacher got off a block?"


"I think we were drafted in the same class, and I haven't heard anything about him since then," Urlacher said. "I saw him on a TV show with a bow tie on, though. So I know him better for the way he dresses than what he does on the football field.


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