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James Harrison Implodes the Steelers


Which type of attack did you find more offensive?  

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its fun stuff but I will believe it helps us when I see it. Wasnt Ben's suspension supposed to help us and hurt them last year? A lot of people thought they were in for a long season - they were but not the way some with purple glasses predicted.

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He'll get suspended for his comments on Goodell.


What a great week its been,


1st Hiney, now Silverback throwing the big Oaf under the bus with his comments on the Oaf single handidly costing the Stealers the Super Bowl.



*** Notes of importance, the last 2 times the Stealers played in the Super Bowl they failed to make the playoffs the following year, 2. Stealers return 9 of 11 Starters on Defense, over the age of 30.

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Other notes of importance: in the last 10 years the Steelers are 14-9 against us, have been to 3 superbowls - winning 2, and have beaten us every time we have faced each other in the playoffs. I'll believe we are better than them when I see it. I'll believe Boller, I mean Flacco is anywhere close to the QB RothlINTsberger is when I see it. And I do not even think he is that great.


Simply put, they pretty much own us. But we get to laugh about offseason arrests and comments to distract us.

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Hey crav...James Walker is backing you up.


Here's a July prediction: The Baltimore Ravens will win the AFC North this season.


Yes, I said it -- and I will be sticking with that statement through January.


For months I've been going back-and-forth between Baltimore and the reigning AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams are talented, but this week's events put me over the top in favor of the Ravens.


I simply don't like what I'm seeing from Pittsburgh this offseason. Whether it's Rashard Mendenhall's tweeting, Hines Ward's recent arrest or James Harrison ripping everyone -- including his own teammates -- there's too many warning signs that suggest this isn't the Steelers' year.


Keep in mind, this is not a new phenomenon in Pittsburgh. Self-implosion is what the Steelers do best following Super Bowl appearances.


....In contrast, the Ravens have it more together. Their biggest issue this offseason is opponents criticizing fourth-year quarterback Joe Flacco. And, if anything, that's been a rallying point that's motivated the Ravens and brought them closer together.


Baltimore has been unable to beat Pittsburgh in big games recently. But the talent is so close between these heated rivals that any additional edge can shift the balance in the AFC North.


Consider the Ravens the new favorites in the division in 2011. The Steelers are too busy dealing with self-inflicted wounds.


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