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Whats with Harbaugh?

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I don't get this. Harbaugh has told the media he won't discuss injuries. In camp? I don't see why he would take that stance. How's the media, and us, supposed to know whats going on with players not practicing?

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He's like Belicheat. Old School. He's not giving nothing away.


The more I find out about him, the more I like.

He's tuff as nails, intense and driven to win.


Two-a-days might be out, but the Ravens’ one practice a day at training camp this year is no picnic. They’re going for three straight hours in the middle of the afternoon, when the summertime heat and humidity are peaking.


"I’m really disappointed in myself the last three years, that I didn’t think of this, this three-hour practice,” Harbaugh said as camp started last week. “This is the best thing for us. A game is what, three hours, three hours and 15 minutes? You have to train yourself to get ready and go out there and play like maniacs for three hours. Well, that is exactly what we are going to get a chance to do. So, I appreciate the Players Association for getting that done, because this is a tough practice … the best thing we could have been doing, and should have been doing all along.”


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also, the media or the fans getting information isn't part of his job. His job is to WIN. He doesn't have to tell us why anyone isn't practicing. Would be nice to know, but he isn't required to tell us anything


I disagree. WINNING is the most important thing but interacting with the media is important too; otherwise, they wouldn't have all those press conferences. Now the good news is that he seems to be giving out injury information after all. Maybe the first time the questioner just caught him at a bad moment.

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