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Finall,y something that really makes sense...,



1. Baltimore Ravens

Explaining their struggles from last year—the Ravens ranked 28th in efficiency—is pretty simple: They were decimated by injuries, and they were schematically predictable. The defense finished 31st in AGL, and the Ravens had the most-injured secondary in the NFL. That was a disastrous formula for a group whose identity was to blitz and play man coverage.

This offseason, John Harbaugh replaced defensive coordinator Don Martindale with Mike Macdonald. The goal is to be more varied and be more flexible—essentially, to be able to find different answers for different problems.

The Ravens have talent. They finished in the top 10 in DVOA for five consecutive seasons prior to 2021. Baltimore signed safety Marcus Williams and nose tackle Michael Pierce in free agency; they brought back veteran defensive lineman Calais Campbell and edge defender Justin Houston; and they used the 14th pick on safety Kyle Hamilton and the 76th pick on defensive tackle Travis Jones.

Add it all up—better injury luck, better talent, more flexibility—and I see a defense that’s likely to make the biggest leap of any on this list.:gorave:

Ranking Each NFL Defense for 2022 - The Ringer


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Just getting the injured back in the secondary would make a huge improvement. Add in who they have plus one or two of the younger players who gained important experience last season because of the injuries and yes, this defense SHOULD, be top 15, maybe even top 10.

That is a huge leap, but not an outlandish claim; the talent is there, use them wisely

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