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Week 2 Ravens/Dolphins


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I don't want to throw shade on this one, yet the Jets really didn't blitz last week, and you know the Dolphins are going to bring it. I'm so glad we have this at home and the 12th man to put up a wall of purple pain. we have to bring it Sunday....OIP.QAO12xJdPGc7RmU51diUqwHaEK?w=323&h=181&c=7&r=0&o=5&pid=1.7

Honoring Goose and Ferguson Sunday.



Here we go! Cover 0! Lamar saw it 19 times in the Dolphins game last year. QB's average seeing it 16 times a season. We know what happened. Image result for ravens vs dolphins

See the source image

It's Ravens/Dolphins week. ESPN matchup indicator has the Ravens at 74% win probability. I don't see that. Vegas doesn't either. Ravens -3.5.
The Dolphins are a solid team. They finished 9-8 last year. They were 22nd in points scored and 16th in points surrendered.
Team Stats          Dolphins      Ravens
 Points Per Game          20.0    24.0
Points Allowed Per Game    7.0    9.0
Total Yards                 335.0    276.0
Yards Passing            270.0    213.0
Yards Rushing             65.0    63.0
Yards Allowed            291.0    390.0
Pass Yards Allowed    213.0    307.0
Rush Yards Allowed    78.0    83.0 

Some advance scouting.: Tua had a very good day. 23 of 33 for 270 yards at 8.2ypp. 104.4 rating. Hill had 8 catches on 12 targets for 94 yards and a 11.8 ypp. They couldn't run. 23 carries for 65yards and a 2.8 ypc. The Ravens were microscopically better at 21 carries for 63m yards and 3.0ypc. Miami had 2 sacks and 3 QB hits. 7 of their 20 points was from the defense.

So....neither team will run the ball Sunday. Unless Dobbins miraculously appears 100%.

Very promising news...
[2:51 PM]
Jeff Zrebiec •
 — Today at 2:23 PM
Thought J.K. Dobbins looked really good in early portion of practice. Was moving around and cutting well. 
Marcus Peters and Ronnie Stanley were taking part in the practice, too.
[2:52 PM]
Also Travis Jones was practicing.

Finally, after all the Injuries that the Ravens have had, I'm not feeling bad about this latest piece of news
Adam Beasley
Dolphins have real concerns at tackle. Terron Armstead (lower body) and Austin Jackson (ankle) both not at Dolphins practice Wednesday. Greg Little is participating. 


OK...here's how 

see it.
The Ravens held Hill to 1 catch for 15 yards last year...with Mahomes at QB. The Phins have no running game. The Ravens can stop anybody from running. Tua will have to throw. But wait! His LT and RT are hobbled at best, out at worst.
Looks like a nice sack day. As long as Lamar doesn't try to force anything and takes what they give him, then the Ravens should win.


Time to feast on Dolphin...


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Jamison Hensley •
 — Today at 3:43 PM
John Harbaugh said it would’ve been “negligent” if the team didn’t work offseason on the Dolphins’ blitzes and Cover zero scheme. Harbaugh said he has a lot of respect for what the Dolphins do on defense.

Jeff Zrebiec •
 — Today at 3:54 PM
Jackson said the Ravens were caught off guard by the Dolphins last year and how much they showed Cover 0. Said he expects Ravens to have an answer this time.

Jeff Zrebiec •
 — Today at 3:57 PM
Jackson says team has to speed up process in getting to the line. Said that will be fixed. Did say Ravens have long play calls.
[3:58 PM]
Jackson on Dobbins: “he looks pretty good to me.”

image.jpeg.69befa9b783f1008d2b624f8aced7007.jpeg"Lamar, are you worried about the Dolphins defense?"




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Not worried about Hill, it's Waddle that has me concerned.

We need to be in Tua's face,we had 11 QB pressures on Flacco Sunday, we need that plus a few more this week.

I'm curious to see if the Fish triple cover Andrews as the Jets did. All it will take is a big run or some long strikes to Bateman and it will get the Fish out of cover 0. I like the Ravens here, and by more than the 3.5 points .

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This is a confident Dolphins team coming in. They've won 9 of their last 10 games. That streak started when the defeated the Ravens. The Ravens only won 1 game since.

This is a very important game. The Dolphins were the iceberg that struck the Ravens Titanic last year. image.jpeg.6655a4afc6d01efe0fc089563136e954.jpegThe Ravens finished 8-9, last in the division. In my world they have to "Show Me" that they are a playoff caliber team all over again. That starts by defeating teams with winning records. Winning games in your division. Defeating playoff caliber teams. 

They were decimated by injuries last year. Injuries still hurt them now as we don't know if Stanley, Peters or JK will play. Mekari is at LT. This will make for a close game. I believe they have enough roster win. I see this as a day for the D to get the win by shutting down the Dolphins. 

Jamison Hensley • TweetShift
 — Yesterday at 4:45 PM
Ravens injury report

FB Patrick Ricard (calf)
DE Calais Campbell (rest)
OLB Justin Houston (rest)

CB Marcus Peters (knee)
OT Ronnie Stanley (ankle)
CB Brandon Stephens (quad)
DT Travis Jones (knee)
WR James Proche (groin)

RB J.K. Dobbins (knee)

Jeff Zrebiec • TweetShift
 — Today at 12:44 PM
"We don't want it to happen again."
Ten months ago, the Ravens went down to South Florida  and their offense looked confused and overwhelmed against the aggressive Dolphins. They insist they'll have a better plan. 
Sunday will be their closeup.


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There was a time when teams were afraid to play here, they knew they were going to be punished by the Ravens & their fans. Some how, that fear has gone, how field advantage is no longer here in Bmore.

Shoot, I remember sitting behind the Steeers bench harassing the heck out if their punter, Josh something or another. That if he kicked to Jermain Lewis, Lewis would run right by him. Sure enough that harassment worked, he kicked a low line drive punt right to Lewis, who returned it for a touchdown.

Josh switched ends of the bench 😄

We need to win this game, for many reasons...

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17 minutes ago, tsylvester said:

There was a time when teams were afraid to play here, they knew they were going to be punished by the Ravens & their fans. Some how, that fear has gone, how field advantage is no longer here in Bmore.


When we had the 2000 D yea. Teams quit on us.

Toss out last year. Historic number of injuries. The Ravens are 63-21 at home over the last 10 years. 75%-win percentage. That is outstanding. Ravens opponents have to earn a win at the Bank. Remember the Chiefs, Colts and Vikings games last year when we still had half a team? We still bring it really bad at home. The fans are just as loud and crazy. I go to the games. See the source image

And I don't think any teams take the Ravens lightly.... like we got a "W."

Lot at stake Sunday: "FYI: "The Dolphins have never won at M&T Bank Stadium, which opened in 1998. Miami is 0-4 all-time there and the Ravens want to keep it that way. "

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"We would have been negligent if we hadn't worked on it," Harbaugh said. "It was something we needed to get a lot better at, and we studied it the whole offseason. We'll have a plan for it and hope it works, because these guys are probably the best in the league at doing it right now. They do it more than anybody, they do it better than anybody and it's just something they're committed to."

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I will believe they worked on th3 blitz when I see it.  

13 hours ago, cravnravn said:

Not worried about Hill, it's Waddle that has me concerned.

We need to be in Tua's face,we had 11 QB pressures on Flacco Sunday, we need that plus a few more this week.


Tua can always switch into what he did last yr.  Take the snap and the ball is out.  Work that shallow game and lead waddle or hill for a big gainer.  

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Hill and Waddle Excell in crossing routes, also something the Ravens often fail to cover properly. Why?

Because the linebackers always bite on play fake and don't get deep enough drops.

Deep drops by linebackers take away those crossing lanes... Even with the injury/loss of Fuller, the Ravens have the secondary, especially at safety, to make it difficult for Tua, especially if the backers do their jobs properly

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The talking gambling heads all they talk about is 22-10, do you really think we are going to see that lack luster play like we did last year? I don't. We had no answer for anything the Fish through at us, offensively and defensively.

We have owned the fish over the years, last year they blindsided us, don't forget with smoke and mirrors we were #1 seed heading into that game.

143-65-1 at home.

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