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So, I finally made it to M&T Bank Stadium for a game for the first time in at least 15 years. Hmm, boy do I pine for the old days! So many empty seats, especially in the 500 upper level. The Chain Gang seems to be gone and mindless fans doing a tomahawk chop after the "Move Those Chains" prompts drove me bonkers. Who is announcing now? That couldn't possibly be Bruce Cunningham still. It was great seeing the 2012 team. Mom had a good time for her first NFL game though, so there's that.

Also, can we talk about the Ravens cheerleader dressed as Homelander?



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29 minutes ago, papasmurfbell said:

Bruce retired O think 3 yrs ago.  

So did Homelander punch anyones heart through their chest?  Was anyone Termite?  Maybe Love Sausage?

Nope, just him. It was enough. lol. 

26 minutes ago, tsylvester said:

It sounded pretty loud on the tele, yep, Bruce retired a new guy took over, haven't heard too many good reviews of him.

Glad your mom enjoyed her time there...

The new guy was not great. Couldn’t understand most of what was being said. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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Former Ravens Ed Reed holds up the team's replica Super Bowl trophy as he is introduced before game against the Browns. He and his 2012 World Championship teammates are back on the field at M&T Bank Stadium for their 10th year reunion.

Come on Dee. The 254 yards of offense should have been more than enough to blow you away! :fishin: The 2012 celebration helped to overlook the crummy announcer and empty seats. That is a story to watch. I think it's a combo of out-of-town Browns fans not buying tickets because I hardly saw any Browns fans and the lousy long string of home losses.....and the disgusting string of 4th quarter meltdowns.  But this was a huge game for the Ravens and fans should have packed the stands.

The cheerleaders are something to watch all the time...image.jpeg.abbe1a47a778f514739531729a85ee44.jpeg


I had a great time with my son. There were a lot of great plays sprinkled in with the bad ones. Seeing Gus was great. Special Teams win. Typical Win Ugly Ravens game.

Members of Ravens' 2012 World Championship team gather for pictures with the replica Super Bowl trophy on the field at M&T Bank Stadium for their 10th year reunion.

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The 2012 stuff definitely helped. Ed Reed. I don't my mom the Ravens picked him up from the Inner Harbor and would be dropping him back at the shelter after the game. lol. What a character! All of the highlights just made me wish for a stronger team. This year's team has no personality. Just blah. Yesterday just seemed so terrible. 

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