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Dee, you were right

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The barrage of commercials was excessive promotion that CBS shoved down our throats...


The first and most recurring problem involved the endless promos for new and returning CBS series. I suppose with the fall season starting Monday night some will excuse the non-stop promotional noise. But CBS does this all year along, and I forgot how annoying it is to see the same spots over and over while hearing the official Voice of Institutional Hype announcing time and again, "Thursday night, only on CBS."


I have screened these new series, and I know how uninspired (I am being nice) some of them are. So maybe this endless carnival-barking grated on me more than it did on others in the audience.


But last season, the network squeezed so many in-house prime-time promotions into the football games that they were clipping kickoffs, to show promos for the third or fourth time while reminding us, "Thursday night, only on CBS."



Glad I'm not the only one who gaged when Tasker tried to portray Britt as a model citizen....just a really great guy....


But there was another kind of PR-hype that is even more problematic as far as I am concerned. This one involved CBS Sports analyst Steve Tasker telling the audience what a fine and "honest" human being Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt is.


Look, Britt was terrific on the field Sunday. But if you look him up online for 30 seconds you will see that the "scrapes" he has had with police, include a felony charge and police allegations of car chases and drugs.


According to AP, the felony charge was later dropped after he entered a guilty plea to misdemeanors charges. This summer, he was arrested twice in New Jersey and had two arrest warrants out for him in Tennessee.


The NFL and CBS have been shameless in minimizing the criminal nature of players and coaches who drive drunk or stoned, assault people and/or resist arrest.


He had a great game...probably is a great player.. but he's not a great person.

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Saying someone is not a great person because they had run ins with the law. Wow. He obviously hasn't done anything terrible he's a free man.


Look...he's not a model citizen. Let's not try to make him a role model.

Everybody can change and then they can be looked upon as a changed person. In his case it's too early.

I'm a free man too. I'm not a great man.

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A game with the commercials cut out is about 2 hours, +/- 15 minutes.


I'm finding the about the same number, about an hour of ads per game. Seems more. I guess it may also seem more today because of the way the game was going.


Still, commercials after a score then coming back for the kickoff then commercials after the kickoff and commercials after every timeout even if they are used consecutively really slow things down to me.

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