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Football Gameplan's Week 3 Ravens v Rams Preview Video


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Our gameplan, based on the Giant's Monday night success, must include a relentless pass rush on Bradford. That guy, if given ample time, could easily carve up our secondary, even with his receiving corps. If S. Jackson is out, it may be possible. If he is in, it will be more challenging to maintain a strong, consistent pass rush.


If Pagano blew it against Tennessee (as many have suggested), he gets a mulligan. But he cant miss on Sunday and he needs to throw the kitchen sink at Bradford. If the Steeler model gets it, then Pagano needs to do it.


On the other side, Cam and Flacco need to come out firing. No excuses. Score from the get go, set the tone, and put the St Louis crowd out of the game.


Either way, Harbs, Cam, Pagano, players, everyone down to the waterboy, needs to "bring it on" for 60 minutes against a Ram team that cannot afford to go 0-3, at home no less.


It will be interesting to see which team shows up Sunday.



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Calling Cam Cameron....calling Cam....exercise the short pass please!!!!


Instituted in the 80s, the short slant pattern became all the rage and still continues to be deadly weapon today Cam!!!!!! lol


Cmon, our weak link since Flacco has been QB is getting the short passes going. We have one of the best in the business with Boldin. Can we throw some pressure and cover two nullifying short passes please????

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I was speaking about the WR slant, not the check down. Hitting the WR in stride on an out or an in or even a slant. It seems we either go deep in, deep out, or check down. We only work the middle with TEs it seems.


I'm not expert just giving an opinion. I'd like to see us throw the defense on their heels with some quick hitting stuff. It seems nothing we run is quick hitting. We don't throw to a receiver's back shoulder...ever lol.


I know it's not easy, but it seems necessary to put defenses on their heels a little. The check down isn't quick hitting, it occurs after a QB reads through progressions.

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Until the Joe and Cam throw...AND COMPLETE....deeper passes....stretching the field passes...this offense will be no better than last year.

That's why they drafted Tory Smith.

That's why they signed Lee Evans.


And they haven't been used or contributed for whatever reasons this season.


Only 2 completions to a receiver other than Bouldin....this year.


The Ravens are too easy to defend.

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