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:cop: No..NO!




matheson.jpg "Can we have a serious discussion without our filthy minds taking over?" :thumbup:


OK...here I go...


Looking at the rest of the AFC at this still early point of the season, I'm thinking this 2011 Ravens team might be Super Bowl bound. :gorave:

They look like the best team in the AFC to me. Every team has weaknesses including the Ravens, but with those weaknesses the Ravens still look like the best overall team.


All the Ravens have to do is keep getting better every week [and stay healthy] and they'll be monsters by the playoffs.


There is serious leadership on this team. Ray, Ed, Haloti, Rice, Joe, Bouldin, Suggs...they'll keep the rest focused with their eye on the prize. There is a special energy and workmanlike focus eminating from them.


Ozzie has worked overtime to bring in the goods.


And Harbaugh?...it's his 4th season and his stamp is on this team. They have bought in.

John now has the experience, leadership skills and hard drive to pull it off. He's got 2 rock solid coaches in Pagano and Cameron. It looks like everybody is on the same page: John's page. He's in command.


Cam has an offense in development. He's starting this year with new TE's for Joe, a patched up and shifted O line that could become one dam good line shortly and, basically, a new and better receiving corps once Evans returns.

The running game is back (4.3ypc) and will only get better. Ray Rice, BTW, is on his way to a very special season. Possibly a career season.

They are finding their way and will only get better.



On defense? Pagano has these guys playing Ravens Defense at a high level. It's back.

They look like the 2000 Ravens with 1 big exception on the corners. .That will be strengthened when Smith returns and Carr gets healthy. For now Webb and Williams have done a good job holding down the fort.

The defense is the key, because in general, this is not a defensive year in the AFC and that will mean money for the Ravens in the playoffs.

Points per game? 14.3. You can win a ton of games with that stat in this high scoring 2011 season.

Their turnover margin is incredible! This is one physical attacking defense.

11 sacks, 6 interceptions (1 for a TD), 8 fumble recoveries (3 for touchdowns)...ARE YOU FEELING IT! :gorave:


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I think good things will happen for the Ravens but I'll drink the purple Kool-Aid after I see what happens with Matt Schaub and the Texans. Hasselback still haunts me. I want to see more from Joe and the passing game too.

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Crav...I said "I'm thinking this 2011 Ravens team might be Super Bowl bound."

That's a far cry from the Curse.


th_strangelove_sm2.jpgWe know 3 things:


1. For some reason, hidden in darkness, only you have the powers to invoke the Curse.

2. The Curse is activated when you post the ancient secret and criptic word that predates the fall of the Roman Empire.

3. As we have learned to our horror, once activated, it is irrevocable.

4. Even God refuses to intervene.

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Good lord why dont you just say *** I'm stupid for thinking this game is easy ***


You cursed us



Yeah, it's so easy a caveman can do it! 100_9836.jpg



why stay in stealth mode Halo_screenshot3.jpg


Let's stop sitting around and hop along to Indi! DSC00026.jpg


I mean this offense can run the ball consistantly, right? 512026550_ed119418ba.jpg


Sure the offensive line has trouble protecting Joe explode.gif


And yes, it is only four games into the season, but we don't need to see anyone Lucy20van20Pelt20psychiatric20help.jpg


Max has not been siping too much trink21.gif

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NO need to lock him up 4954044zt6.gif



No need to be rude! fartinface.gif


Let us just celebrate the young, did I say young, talented defensive lineman who are hungry to prove they belong fam.gif


The fact the offense has not had a helathy Lee Evans since that dreaded horse collar tackle in the pre season fear.gif


Don't answer the phone cluephone.gif


Max is too wise angry-smiley-225.gif


Let him dream baby! aviking.gif

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Go ahead!

I can take it! :bleh:


OK...it's too soon...but at a future date, lattitude and longitude, all will honor that which dwells in the blasted heath of my cerebral cortex and the magnificent activity-dependent modification of synapses powering through my ganglia which grants me the authority me to humbly proclaim:


" I have KnowLedge of things they are not wanting you to know!"

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