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1. Jim Harbaugh needs to teach John a thing or two.

It’s impossible to know whether the 49ers would have won their third through ninth games if they hadn’t lost to the Cowboys in Week Two. Safety Donte Whitner recently pointed to the blown lead against Dallas as the biggest moment of the year for the Niners, propelling them to their string of seven straight wins, and counting.

Along the way, the 49ers have had plenty of chances to lay something other than a golden egg. But stubbornly obsessive head coach Jim Harbaugh won’t let his team have a letdown.

And John Harbaugh would be smart to ask his brother how in the heck he does it.

John’s Ravens follow big wins with flat performances, losing winnable games after signature victories. Beat the Steelers? Lose in Nashville. Beat the Texans? Lose in Jacksonville. Beat the Steelers again? Lose in Seattle, um, ville.

Though I’ve previously blamed the inability to avoid playing down to the level of the competition on linebacker Ray Lewis, given that he’s the guy who has assumed the responsibility for ensuring that

, the head coach is responsible for finding ways to get grown men to take care of their business.

Yes, the Seahawks are hard to beat at home. But when Jim Harbaugh goes there on Christmas Eve, a week after facing (and perhaps beating) the Steelers, he’ll likely make the locals feel like the unsuspecting residents of Whoville.

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Guest BallTMore

John's record against sub-.500 teams was spectacular until this season, so I don't think he has to ask Jim anything.


This team and season is puzzling for sure. The coaches know this can't happen, the players know, and the fans know. Yet it has happened three times.


It really is amazing to watch this team from week-to-week. It's like they have split personality disorder.


The Ray Rice that doesn't fumble, to Jacksonville Ray Rice


Pittsburgh Flacco to 3rd string QB Flacco.


The Boldin that can't be stopped, to the Boldin that can't get an inch of separation (Did you see him in Seattle? He looked like he was sewn to the defender.)


Then you have guys on D that disappear too. Suggs plays like the D MVP one week, then another he can't beat bum LTs.


And there is no mix of good and bad. When they are bad, they ALL play bad. When they're good, they can't be stopped. What the hell?

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