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I usually don't want to talk about stuff like this untill the off season...especially with a big game comming up with the Chargers but I found this interesting and funny. I think Ray Rice is what makes this offense go, he's the catalyst, and the best all around RB in the NFL. On top of that he's one outstanding person.


Thank John Eisenberg for this...


Asked Wednesday if there was “any conceivable way” he could sign with another team after this season, Ravens running back Ray Rice didn’t sound like someone who might be on the move.


“I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere. That I can reassure,” Rice said during his weekly podium session with reporters at Owings Mills. “There’s nothing I would think that I would be anywhere else. I love it here, and I think the city, the team, the whole organization, they feel the same way.”



And this from Brent Harris...




It is tradition in the NFL, when running backs reach certain milestones, they reward their offense lineman with a nice thank-you gift.


On Sunday, Ray Rice went over 1,000 yards for the season. The guys up front are hoping for something pretty nice.


Both Bryant McKinnie and Matt Birk told me, while in Minnesota, they once got flat-screen TVs. Michael Oher, who was sitting close by and heard this, replied with, "That sounds pretty good to me!"


This is the third straight year Rice has gone over 1,000 yards, and his usual good deed is a nice dinner out for his lineman. This year, the stakes could go up.


Rice, who's playing in the last year of his contract, said: "When I get my new deal done, those guys can have whatever they want!"


Oher, seeing an opportunity, responded with, "Then I'm holding out, Ray. I want the big payday!"


-- Brent Harris[/quotye]



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I just don't see how they can put that much money into the OG position.


Do you want to win a Championship? You dont see the difference in play from when Grubbs was out til now? Its a different ballclub with Grubbs in there, Ravens have always invested heavily in the D, now the table is turned, we gave Reed big money, we gave C-Mac big money we gave Suggs big money we gave Ray big money what 3 times??

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Just throwing out some names for the heck of it. I just don't think getting rid of the OL in the prime of their careers is wise. Especially a group this special.

Well, I'm all for keeping Grubbs as he's shown how important he is to this team.

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Grubbs is staying. I can't see Ozzie letting him go.


There will be another mini purge like we had with McGahee, Heap, Landry, McClain, Wilson and Mason.

Ravens came out smelling pretty good there.

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