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Joe's time to shine


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Playoffs are where the big time QB's make a name for themselves (unless you're Matt Ryan ba-dum psssssh). Most QB's are fortunate enough that they get to build their legacies within the friendly confines of their home stadiums. Joe hasn't had that luxury to this point. Statiscially he's a better QB at home - his QB rating is higher, he throws fewer interceptions and he is a stellar 22 games above .500 at home. (27-5!)


John Clayton, who is probably one of the biggest Flacco supporters in the media wondered if Flacco needs to win the SB to finally get some respect. I don't know if that's true, but I know he's got a fantastic opportunity in front of him right now and he has to take advantage of it. Fair or not, Flacco has taken a lot of heat for a QB with is career W-L record. I have given him my fair share of criticism, notably after Jax and SD. Starting sunday it's on him to propel himself make his case to be regarded as one of the best and most respected QB's in the game. No excuses this time. He's not on the road, and the Steelers and Colts (two of the Ravens biggest SB cockblocks) will be sitting at home watching him on TV.


Even if the game goes well for the Ravens and Rice gets his yards, Joe has to make plays and move the chains. Rice ran for almost 200 yards against Cinci but Joe was just as critical in the game because aside from the 2 long runs, Rice was getting bottled up. He'll have to be accurate when Torrey is open down the field, and he'll have to find his open man on time. Before the season he declared himself a top 5 QB. This is when the real cream of the crop proves it.

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The WRs need to collectively step up and make plays for Joe as well. After watching all of the playoff games, it is very noticeable that a lot of QBs just chuck it up and allow their WRs to go and make a play. I loved the Tebow game but in reality all he did was chuck it in the general direction of his WR in single coverage and allow him to make a play.


I can't really remember any time when I could say that about any of our WRs. Boldin has had spurts where Joe could do that but conversely Q has dropped a lot of balls as well (10th in the league). Some times Joe will miss open receivers but that happens to a lot of QBs and hopefully he will get better at that part of his game but for the most part he is throwing into very tight windows and doing a very good job of it.

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The untimely drops have to stop as well. I'm not sure it's how many drops Flacco's receivers have had so much as when the drops have occurred. I can remember 3 or 4 critical 1st down drops in games where Joe was opening the second half or attempting to get some momentum for a comback. Those drops have to stop. When the game is on the line and we need to put it out of reach we can't be having our #1 guy (Boldin) dropping easy balls. We also need our TE (Dickson) to hang on to those out routes. I've seen Joe put in right on the WR too many times this year just to watch it hit their chest and hit the ground.


I really think Flacco is going to have a great playoffs this year.

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Joe will need to have a productive day for the Ravens to win Sunday. Houston has the #4 rush defense and like everybody, they will try to take Rice out of the game.


In fact, teams have success taking Rice out of the game from time to time....for whole quarters or halfs. The inability of the Ravens offense, Joe or Cam to pick up the slack and maintain momentum during these periods is a primary reason why the offense has been inconsistent, disappeared for whole quarters and looks lethargic at times.


This is the wrong time of year for that to happen. They won't be playing the Browns.


The pass....the big play...that has to be present to take the heat off of Rice so that he can get back to doing what he does so well. Pull them out of the box. Force defenses to defend the whole field.

Do that and the Ravens waltz into Indy.


Houston is the only decent defense that Joe will face. After that the D's are terrible and Joe won't face a real defense for the rest of this season...unless the Giants miraculously make it to Indy. Therefore, get by the Texans and Joe will have the best post season of his career. No doubt about it here.

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I dont think Joe is a anything but an average QB but I do think he will have a decent game Sunday. If he does not then we will probably lose and all the criticism will be fair. Heck, most of it has been fair already.

The recievers have had some untimely drops but I am completely convinced Top 5 and his inconsistency is the main reason the offense has sputtered at times this season. And yeah the line has not been great, but a lot of that has been on Joe when he cannot find targets and stand there forever.


I am unsure why I think he will have a good game, I just do. I do not think he has had a good playoff game yet.


As for Tebow overall I thought he had an good day and there is no denying that his recievers made some great plays for him, but there were also a couple of beautiful throws where he hit his target so they could catch it in full stride. I was impressed by him.

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I didn't pull up the Stats, but I think he had a good game in KC last year.


At KC Joe was 25 of 34 for 265 2 TD's 0 Picks


Thats been about the only game he was good in during the post season.


Oh yeah, I forgot all about that game.

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