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Let's not forget a right tackle.


And depending on Trevor Pryce... a defensive end (could probably use one anyway with Suggs being a LB, technically)


CBs are huge though. WRs are as well, obviously.


A FB is not a bad idea, either. Let Neal groom a replacement. Let McClain keep his hybrid position.

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In no order of priority:


1. New DC (for Rex)


2. WR - free agent and draft picks (2)


3. CB - 2 new ones -1 free agent draft pick


4. DE - need stronger pash rush - FA or draft pick


5. DL - in case Gregg is done


6. TE - need a younger, tougher version of Todd Heap


7. OT or OG - for depth and eventual replacement for Willie Anderson


8. LB/S-depth & eventual replacement for Ray/Ed

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After last night I definitely think we saw that Suggs is an impact player. Last night Suggs was a true rush backer, he did not have to deal with pass coverages, and I believe we saw his true talent. He would excel in a true 3-4 scheme instead of a hybrid where he is dropping into coverage. With that said, I would re-sign him.


First priority is definitely Jay Brown. Get him locked up, no if's and's or but's about it. Then move onto Suggs.


Re-sign one of Ray or Scott, preferably Ray unless he is asking for the world. It is time for one of the young guys to step in. I believe they are more than ready.


After we get our own guys locked up, we need to address cornerback and wide receiver. Contrary to belief, I do not think our corner play is bad considering what we are blitzing every play. We just need able bodies. Washington, Walker, Rolle are all good in my book. Guys like Ivy and Stone are not going to cut it and are marginal depth. We do not need a star corner, just someone who could start, and most importantly, come up and make a tackle. I am not sure what Cmac has left.


Wide receiver is pretty obvious, we need a big guy. Yes, I did not say deep threat, but a big guy. After last night it is evident that a deep threat is not the big problem, the underlying problem is that we need a big guy with soft hands who can fight for the intermediate balls over the middle, on slants, and crossing routes, then get up field for some YAC. If he can get deep, that is great, but what we need is a true go-to-guy who can bailout a bad throw. Todd Heap used to be a guy like this, but Heap looks just about done.


Who we pick as defensive coordinator could represent a paradigm shift for this defensive. Picking a guy who tries and emulates Rex Ryan's blitzes could be disastrous. Not many people can draw up effective blitz schemes like Rex, and ineffective blitz schemes lead to big plays for the offense. I would target someone who lines the guys on the defense up, plays a two-gap front with stunts and twists to get pressure with four guys, and just plays defense (like the Patriots 3-4).


Other than that we just have to hope that Flacco continues to progress. If he does, we will be just fine. I believe our future is very bright, Harbaugh is a great coach.

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