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If they do bring Birk back it only gets worse


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His contract is up in Baltimore, so they’ll have to want him back. But they should want him back. He has started every game in his three seasons with the team.


Why. He has been a flaw in that offense. Gerode is there so ride him for the yr and draft his replacement this season.

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Wilfork beat him like a drum...age/mileage has finally caught up with a great center and person. He was the brains of that line.


Ravens are hurting at the moment on the O line.

They have to sign Grubbs, get a left tackle and a center. Maybe Girode can fill in at center as a 1 year stop gap.


McKinnie would have to have a miracle off season to come back lighter, faster and more agile but he just might be all they can find for next year.

Though both are physically imposing, it could get rough if Reid and Harewood are the answers.

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Singing Grubbs is a MUST. We could work with Gurode at C for a year though there's a good one supposedly available in the draft where we're picking. OT is a C+ in my estimation. Yanda is solid. I really doubt we'll be able to upgrade at OT in the draft---too many teams need help before where we're selecting.

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