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Great Day in Cabo San Lucas


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Had a great day today. Woke up early. Watched some dolphins outside my cabin. Waited for the restaurant to open and hung out in a smoky (club) room in the meantime. There, saw the back fin of a humpback whale. Had waffles and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Ship docked off the coast (no ports in Cabo), and made our way to shore via water taxis.


Hard-selling Mexicans everywhere after you make it pass the pier checkpoint. Pimping their disabled kids for money and girls as young as 3 and 4 trying to sell necklaces. Didn't really enjoy that.


Hopped on our party boat for some snorkeling. Turned into a makeshift whale watching excursion. Saw so many whales. Even some jump. Amazing. Got a great shot of one. I'll upload it later.


Beautiful weather. Free booze. Great snorkeling. Awesome day.

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Great shots Dee. I thought the first shot of the pelican over the water was a chupacabra. You need to watch out for them in that area.


I love the zoo shots, I like zoos. Is that one as nice as they say it is?


The San Diego zoo was nice. It was a lot like the Miami zoo, but with more elaborate exhibits (specifically the polar bear exhibit and the penguins). They were having a Girl Scout Cookie Kick-off the day we went, so it was really crowded. SeaWorld was pretty dead, which was kinda nice because it made walking around easier.

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Guest BallTMore
I don't like having my picture taken. I like staying behind the camera. I have some, but I don't post them. Maybe one or two on Facebook.



I'm the same way. Nice pictures dee. They look great! What kind of camera do you have?

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