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Listening to Rob and Vinny

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I like those guys. We should invite them over here for a beer.


Capwise....sounds like all they have left is enough to sign their draft picks and maybe 1 FA.

Some of these guys who are stashed away on the roster need to step up and fill in big time this year.


I can drink 5 glasses of purple kool-aid and still can't see how they can make the offensive line better or get any decent depth to it. There's none now!

And when I'm hoping the Kindle comes out of nowhere and fills the pass rush void I know I'm dreaming.


There's this from the Ravens site...


Ravens Salary-Cap Update


The Ravens are now under the salary-cap limit by only $1.701 million with 46 players under contract, according to Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times. This number does not include $1.5 million the team could opt to borrow against future years.


The franchise reportedly had $4.664 in cap space prior to the four deals made last week with linebacker Jameel McClain, three-time Pro Bowl special-teams ace Brendon Ayanbadejo, new Pro Bowl special-teams ace Graham and safety and special-teams gunner Sean Considine.




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They need to sign Ray Rice and Joe and free up cap space that way in time for training camp when hopefully they can add at least some depth to the offensive line.


That's the only hope if they are thinking about getting to the Super Bowl.

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How in the world do the steelers have more money then yinz. I know we are waiting on the wallace situation but we still have at eight mill or so.


Monday we were with the Steelers at 8 mil under, then we signed 4 players this week 3 of our own FA's and one from the Bears. Not nervous yet, we still have til July to get Joe done, and then maybe turn to Rice..Its all good, this is what makes the NFL so unique..Baseball should try it sometime, it does work.

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