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Ravens could face Steelers in 2009 opener


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What the hell..why not!

We can knock the bad taste out early.


Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

This much we know: The Pittsburgh Steelers will open the 2009 season with a marquee Thursday night game in September. This much is possible: Their Week 1 opponent could be the Baltimore Ravens.


The Steelers have other marquee games on their schedule against playoff teams such as the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings. A rematch at Heinz Field against the towel-stomping Titans also looks like a solid possibility.


But why not start the year off right by pitting two AFC North rivals in a nationally televised game?



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Guest BallTMore

I'm thinking it will be the Titans. I'm sure Cowher is wetting himself right now thinking how the Steelers can get back at the big bad Titans for stomping on their holy towel.

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Ya big dummy, dont you know that every SB Champ gets to open the season at home with the first game..Just ask the 2001 SB Champion Denver Broncos



What a bj that was!

Ravens win the SB then..."oh!...sorry...for some bizarre reason which is beyond explanation they don't get the first game of the year."


"Get your nose out of my arm pit David."


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