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Read this on the Ravens' website:


"If you thought you would never have to endure Steelers receiver Hines Ward smile ever again after his retirement in March, think again.


That is, if you are one of the millions of viewers who watch NBC’s Football Night in America on Sunday nights.


The network announced yesterday that it came to a multiyear agreement with Ward. In addition to regularly contributing to Football Night in America, Ward will be part of NBC Sports Network’s college football studio show on Saturdays.


How Ward will fare as an analyst remains to be seen. He could get his first test early in his broadcast career.


“Hines Ward, @mvp86hinesward, joins the Sunday Night Football team on NBC,” tweeted WBAL’s Gerry Sandusky. “Test of his objectivity: Ravens at Pittsburgh, Sun night Nov 18th."


Actually my last memory of Hines Ward as a player was him having the smile wiped off his face, standing on the sidelines looking out of it after Pollard hammered him in the last meeting, That was satisfying though I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt,

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Wow...how boring. Some networks can't stand success.


Ray Lewis is charasmatic...Ward isn't even close. He comes off as a dullard to me.

It's getting where I can't stand to watch these pregame shows. I can't stomach Bradshaw. He's horrible...a joke....switch the channel and you have homer Cower.



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I find your blind hate funny as hell and Im sure knocking the raven out of the playoffs 3 times in his career makes up for losing to him twice in a year. yeah hines isnt a good speaker and engaging he was just a goverment group to improve relation in korea he got that becuase he wasnt engaging and couldnt speak right

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Theres no blind hate, he cant speak, he sucks, I dont want to watch it..Just like Ray, I love his preaching while hes a member of the Ravens, but if he has that preacher talk while talking about the Cardinals or Eagles, I would lose interest quickly.


NBC can do without Ward

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